Sandstorm Announces PhoneSweep 3.0

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–April 17, 2001–Sandstorm Enterprises announces the new release of its popular PhoneSweep(TM) telephone scanner, used by security professionals to audit telephone systems for vulnerabilities. Now used in more than 30 countries, PhoneSweep discovers undocumented or misconfigured modems that are exploitable by criminals, hackers and “crackers.”

PhoneSweep is similar to an attacker’s “war dialer,” in that it will dial a large block or set of telephone numbers and report its findings. But PhoneSweep 3.0’s capabilities extend beyond mere hacker freeware. PhoneSweep includes a recognition engine that can identify hundreds of different remote access systems. The program can dynamically control many modems simultaneously, slashing scanning time. And PhoneSweep can repeatedly call a set of known “good” numbers to confirm the availability and proper operation of modems required for emergency remote access.

PhoneSweep is the world’s most widely-used commercial telephone scanner. PhoneSweep runs under Windows 95, 98, 2000 and NT4.0.

Some enhancements to PhoneSweep in version 3.0 include:

–A completely re-written user interface that is faster and immediately shows the results of scans in progress;

–An expanded recognition engine that can identify more than 300 different remote access systems;

–A “graph” button that will create a Microsoft Excel 2000 graph of scanning results, ideal for executive presentations.

PhoneSweep manages both the calling information and the results in an industry-standard SQL database. The product’s Single Call Detect feature, which determines the nature of devices uncovered–modems, faxes, second dial tone, etc.–in a minimum of attempts, also dramatically reduces scan times to one call a minute per modem, lessening disruption of the networks it audits.

Prices for PhoneSweep start at under $1,000.00, making it a cost-effective addition to the security auditor’s, or HIPAA compliant toolkit. PhoneSweep is listed on the GSA Schedule. Product pricing for PhoneSweep, along with modem recommendations and other technical support information, is available on the company Web site at

About Sandstorm Enterprises

Sandstorm Enterprises, based in Boston, Massachusetts and with offices in the Washington, DC area, provides information security professionals “tools with sharp edges.”

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