Swiss-Based iT SEC iT Security AG to Integrate Aladdin’s eToken Into Four Security Solutions

CHICAGO, April 23 /PRNewswire Interactive News Release/ — Aladdin Knowledge Systems (Nasdaq: ALDN), a global leader in the field of Internet content and software security, today announced a significant eToken partnership that integrates eToken PRO into four major security solutions offered by iT SEC iT Security AG, a leading European smartcard-based solutions vendor.

Choosing Aladdin’s eToken PRO for its strong two-factor (ownership and knowledge) authentication, iT SEC iT Security AG is set to use the key-sized USB-based token within its Secure(R) family of security solutions to enable its customers to portably store passwords, user registration certificates and digital signatures for files and emails. Aladdin’s eToken PRO is to be integrated into iT SEC’s Secure Single Signon, Secure E-Mail, Secure File & folder and Secure E-Business solutions. Designed to guarantee secure transfer and storage of sensitive data for authorized users, iT SEC iT Security’s solutions benefit from eToken’s comprehensive combination of powerful security, portability and ease of use.

“The eToken PRO is an ideal security token for our customers,” said Dr. Erich Rutsche, CMO at iT SEC iT Security Ltd. “The combination of an attractive design and high security is crucial for adaptation in large organizations. iT SEC’s applications, in combination with the eToken PRO, offer high security and convenience to the user and minimal total cost of ownership for the organization.”

eToken is the alternative to conventional smartcard systems. In contrast to smartcard solutions, eToken does not require an additional reader, as the reader is already integrated into the USB-based eToken and is thus part of the smartcard chip. By using industry standards, eToken can be embedded directly into existing smartcard applications using PS/SC, PKCS#11 and MSCapi. This eToken includes an Infineon smartcard chip (SLE66CX160S with CardOSM4) which generates the personalized secret files on the eToken. Infineon successfully certified this chip in 1999 for exacting ITSEC E4.

“As one of the first partners to integrate Aladdin’s newly unveiled eToken PRO user authentication device, iT SEC iT Security AG is an excellent example of a solutions company focused on providing the strongest portable security possible for networks and e-business,” said Leedor Agam, Vice President of e-Business and eToken Solutions at Aladdin Knowledge Systems. “We are very pleased to combine Aladdin’s latest eToken technology with iT SEC’s internationally respected line of security solutions.”

About eToken

eToken, a USB device about the size of a normal house key, is now widely accepted as the ultimate device for securing your networks and e-Business needs. It offers a fully portable and cost-effective means to authenticate users and to digitally sign sensitive business transactions.

Utilizing state of the art technology, eToken PRO offers advanced Smartcard functionality with robust onboard cryptographic processor such as 1024-bit RSA, 3xDES, SHA1 and MD5. eToken PRO offers an unmatched level of physical and logical protection with its ITSEC LE4 Smartcard chip security accreditation. With its onboard 1024-bit RSA processor, eToken PRO is the ideal solution for PKI-enabled applications, since all sensitive operations and signing — including PKI key generation — can be done in the secure environment on the token itself, away from the hostile environment of the PC. eToken R2 features simple yet robust 120bit DESX onboard security functionality as its underlying technology, offering both 2-factor authentication and full support for PKI applications through its ability to securely store private keys and digital certificates.

Both the eToken PRO and the R2 offer enhanced physical features in their newly designed, one-piece plastic housing, providing an unmatched tamper-evident and water-resistant container. Support for open, non-proprietary security standards such as Microsoft CAPI & PKCS11, makes integration with security applications quick and smooth. eToken’s innovative “Enterprise” solution set also offers out-of-the-box plug & play connectivity for various security clients. Securing your networks and eBusiness applications has never been as easy and intuitive.

Participation in the eToken Solution Partner Program offers companies which integrate with eToken, or promote its implementation, streamlined technical support and joint sales and marketing opportunities. Additional information on the program can be obtained by e-mailing .

About iT SEC iT Security AG

iT SEC iT Security AG is one of the leading European vendors for smartcard-based security solutions and token management systems. Token management systems give businesses the tools for effective management and administration of smartcards and PKI. The comprehensive security architecture integrates several secure applications for Secure Single Signon, Secure E-Mail, Secure File & Folder Encryption, as well as Secure E-Business. The use of internationally recognized industry standards supports the integration of third-party products like eToken PRO from Aladdin Knowledge Systems. The iT SEC iT Security solutions are developed in Switzerland and meet the highest demands for security and reliability. With national offices in Switzerland and Germany as well as partners worldwide, iT SEC provides customers with solution-oriented services and products that meet their individual needs. The proven competence with major enterprises in the financial, industry and telecom sectors, as well as the project and integration experience in heterogeneous IT environments, make iT SEC a competent partner for IT security. For more information, visit .

About Aladdin

Aladdin (Nasdaq: ALDN) is a global leader in securing digital content, from applications software to Internet use and access. Aladdin’s products include: HASP and Hardlock, software security systems that protect the revenues of developers and publishers; Privilege, a software licensing platform for the Internet; the eSafe line of anti-vandal, anti-virus and content filtering software for PCs and networks connected to the Internet; and eToken for Internet security and authentication. Aladdin serves its customers through eight offices located in the world’s major software markets, as well as through a network of 50 distributors serving more than 100 countries. For more information, visit our website at .

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