Tiny Software Announces Full Release of World’s First Personal Firewall That Protects PCs Before Windows Launche

SANTA CLARA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jan. 29, 2001– Tiny Software, Inc., a leader in router and firewall software solutions for networks, today announced the full release of its Tiny Personal Firewall, the world’s first personal firewall that protects PCs before Windows(R) launches.

In conjunction with CNET (Nasdaq:CNET), the full release of Tiny Personal Firewall will be available for free to home users exclusively at CNET’s popular Download.com (www.download.com).

Unlike other personal firewalls on the market today, Tiny Personal Firewall protects the PC right from the start before Windows launches. It is positioned between the network interface adapter and the operating system so that the PC is protected in the initial seconds of booting. This eliminates the possibility of hackers intruding with Trojan Horses during this critical and typically vulnerable stage.

“We believe that this full release represents the most impressive personal firewall on the market today,” said Roman Kasan, president and CEO of Tiny Software. “The United States Air Force has selected Tiny Personal Firewall for its approximately 500,000 desktop PCs as an integral part of our Centrally Managed Desktop Security (CMDS) system. In this form, Tiny Personal Firewall acts as a low-layer desktop security engine that defines internal network authority and reports desktop activity to a Central Command Server, which we aim to introduce later this quarter.”

Tiny Personal Firewall offers many leading-edge firewall features, including the much demanded MD5 signature support, which protects computers from unauthorized use of its applications. For novice users, Tiny Personal Firewall features three levels of predefined security rules: Low, Medium and High. For advanced users, it offers the ability to customize the rules to the administrator’s liking. Unlike other personal firewalls, Tiny Personal Firewall also includes Remote Administration.

Kasan added, “With the rapid adoption of broadband internet access to homes and the growing number of employees logging onto corporate networks over VPN connections, the market for a solution such as Tiny Personal Firewall is clearly increasing. Our security engine technology is truly unique as no other service on the PC can be initiated before our firewall is launched and secures the PC. We are pleased to fulfill this demand especially since the response during beta stage has been overwhelmingly positive from both the press and public alike.”

Tiny Personal Firewall is compatible with Windows 9x, Me, NT and 2000. It is free for personal use and pricing starts at $39 for business use. Bulk license rates are also available.

About Tiny Software, Inc.

Tiny Software is a leader in firewall technology for small to medium sized networks. Its ICSA certified firewall, WinRoute Pro, successfully protects more than 200,000 networks with over 2 million users. Committed to the delivery of high-quality products with exceptional customer service, Tiny Software continues to develop and offer the most sophisticated software solutions for networks while maintaining administrative and user simplicity for its customers. Tiny Software is based in Santa Clara, California, and on the web at www.tinysoftware.com.

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