Vynamic Announces Partnership With Xcert

January 30, 2001. PORTSMOUTH, NH -Vynamicâ„?, the exclusive provider of security solutions engineered for the e-learning marketplace, today announced a strategic partnership with Xcertâ„?, a leading provider of software products for securing business-to-business transactions and communications over the Internet. Under the partnership agreement, Vynamic will integrate Xcert’s Sentry 4.5 Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology into its proprietary, e-learning security solution. Vynamic will utilize Xcert’s Sentry 4.5 to enhance its existing offering of user authentication and intellectual property protection designed to meet the specific needs of the e-learning marketplace. Additional terms of the agreement were not disclosed. Recently, Vynamic announced the close of a $ 1.2 million round of seed financing and is presently negotiating terms for the completion of the Company’s Series ‘A’ funding round.

Tony Damiano, vice-president of Business Development, Vynamic stated, “According to International Data Corporation, the online training market is expected to nearly double in size every year through 2003, reaching approximately $11.5 billion by that time. With this explosive growth comes the need for a highly scalable security solution engineered specifically for the e-learning marketplace. Companies at the forefront of e-learning are demanding a security solution that provides their users added peace of mind. Vynamic is partnering with Xcert to provide that solution.” Damiano continued, “We chose to work with Xcert because Sentry offers a high degree of scalability and flexibility. We are confident that as our business continues to expand, our partnership with Xcert will further enhance our position as the premier provider of e-learning security solutions.”

“As the demand for online learning continues to increase, corporations and academic institutions are seeking to incorporate security which authenticates users and protects access to proprietary or highly sensitive training information,” said Thomas Nolan, president and CEO, Xcert. “We are pleased to partner with Vynamic to meet the security needs of the burgeoning e-learning marketplace.”

About Vynamic

Vynamic is an Internet infrastructure company providing security solutions designed to support the specific needs of the e-Learning marketplace. Utilizing a proprietary, secure student ID technology, Vynamic ensures that students are authenticated and all online learning transactions are encrypted and protected. In addition, Vynamic’s secure student ID enables organizations to safely manage online access to highly sensitive or proprietary information broadcast via the web. Vynamic’s solution enables corporate training and academic e-Learning platforms to protect their intellectual property by “locking in” course content and preventing unauthorized distribution. Vynamic currently has offices in Portsmouth, NH and Salt Lake City, UT with plans to open a technology development center in Rochester, NY during Q1 2001. For additional information, visit www.vynamic.com

About Xcert

Xcert, based in Walnut Creek, CA, is an innovator in developing software for conducting secure e-commerce and Internet transactions. Through the use of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and digital certificates, Xcert enables companies to quickly and easily control online information security, addressing privacy, authentication, data integrity, non-repudiation and access control. Xcert’s scalable software suite allows companies to easily expand any user base to meet growing business requirements. For more information, visit www.xcert.com

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