Zero-Knowledge Systems Introduces Privacy Eye, New Privacy News And Commentary Website To Inform, Educate And Empower Consumers

Respected author, journalist and privacy authority Tom Maddox to provide daily commentary on privacy issues–

Montreal – February 21, 2001 – Study after study indicates that consumers value their privacy, but they are often unaware of personal privacy intrusions and unsure of how to protect themselves. To empower individuals with valuable privacy information, Zero-Knowledge Systems today introduced Privacy Eye, a digital source of privacy news and commentary edited by author, journalist and privacy expert Tom Maddox.

Whether they are average citizens with questions and concerns or informed privacy advocates, readers of Privacy Eye will find valuable privacy resources from the Web site

(, including:

* Expert commentary on privacy issues from Editor-in-Chief Tom Maddox

* The most recent privacy headlines

* Information about how consumers can protect their privacy online

“We want to arm our readers to be their own best advocates for privacy and give them the information they need to be confident consumers and educated citizens — socially, politically, and technologically aware about issues affecting their privacy,” said Tom Maddox. “With its privacy expertise, market leadership and commitment to privacy concerns, Zero-Knowledge is an ideal champion for Privacy Eye.”

Maddox, the editor-in-chief of privacy publications at Zero-Knowledge Systems, is a widely published journalist and author who has written and commented on privacy issues since the early ’90s. Called a “first generation theorist of cyberspace” by Lawrence Lessig, a Stanford Law Professor and author of “Code, and Other Laws of Cyberspace”, Maddox previously edited Privacy Place, an online journal of privacy advocacy. He also wrote a column for Locus magazine called “Reports from the Electronic Frontier”, commenting on the social aspects of developing computer and telecommunications technologies. Maddox brings to his commentary his background as a science fiction writer, author of the novel “Halo”, and co-writer of two episodes of the “X-Files” with William Gibson. A common theme throughout his writing has been a fascination with, and concern for, the human face of technology. His work on Privacy Eye will continue to examine this issue in the context of privacy.

Updated daily Monday through Friday at 1:00 p.m. EST, the Privacy Eye website () is also available as a weekly digest, e-mailed to subscribers each Monday, recapping the previous week’s most relevant privacy stories.

Private Sector, the Newsletter of Privacy and Enterprise Privacy Eye is the second privacy publication to be launched by Zero-Knowledge Systems. Private Sector, the Newsletter of Privacy and Enterprise premiered on November 21 at the first annual Privacy by Design conference, which was presented by Zero-Knowledge Systems and sponsored by Royal Bank Financial Group, IBM, Merrill Lynch, and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Published every two months, Private Sector features contributions from established privacy experts and best practices from business leaders who are implementing privacy solutions in their businesses. It is every business and technology executive’s resource for building privacy into their business and staying at the cutting edge of privacy policy and privacy enhancing technologies. A free electronic version of Private Sector can be found at the Zero-Knowledge Publications site:

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Zero-Knowledge Systems ( is the leading provider of privacy enabling technologies and services for both consumers and enterprise. Zero-Knowledge Managed Privacy Services(tm) () provides expert consultation and privacy-enhancing solutions that enable businesses to comply with privacy legislation, maximize customer relationships and build consumer trust without violating privacy. Zero-Knowledge Freedom® Internet Privacy Suite provides consumers free access to the most easy-to-use privacy and security features — including a personal firewall, form filler, cookie manager, ad manager and keyword alert — in addition to its leading paid premium services offering untraceable private email and anonymous browsing and chat. Freedom 2.0 for Windows 95/98, 2000, Me and Linux is available as a free download at and Freedom source code is available at

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