Acronyms 01

A lot of you are probably feeling the same I way am right at the moment I am writing this file. I just got done applying for a nice board and I simply went blank while filling out the New User Application! I really hope I gain access, but I hate having to remember what is what all the time. Besides, it’s been almost a year since I have had to fill out a REAL challenging application! So, I have forgotten probably 90% of my acronyms! A shame really because if I could only remember what they meant, I’m sure I could remeber what they were! That’s why I made this file! To help us all remember what is what! I’m sure tons of SysOp’s are going to come down on me for telling what the acronyms mean..but remember.. I am NOT telling what they do, are used for, or anything of that nature. Just what they STAND for! So, don’t give me too hard of a time. This may help you define better New User applications for your board to be more selective! I will try to come out with updates as my time allows for this file.

My Disclaimer:

I don’t know why I need one..but here it is..I take no resposiblity for anything in this file, anything it’s used for, or anyone that reads it! I pretty much don’t take responsibility for anything at ALL and I am beginning to doubt that I exist. Oh well, on to the file!

2600 – A great Hacker’s Magazine

AC – Alternating Current

ALRU – Automatic Line REcord Update

AN – Associated Number

ANI – Automatic Number Identification

ARSB – Automated REpair Service Bureau

ATH – Abbreviated Trouble History

ATI – Activist’s Times, INC

ATM – Automatic Teller Machine

BOC – Bell Operating Company

BOR – Basic Output Report

BRI – Basic Rate Interface

CA – Cable

CBX – Computerized Business Exchange

CCIS – Common Channel Interoffice Signalling

CIS – Compuserve Information Service

COE – Central Office Equipment

CRSAB – Centralized Repair Service Answering Bureau

CTO – Call Transfer Outside

CUD – Computer Underground Digest

CW – Cyber Warriors

CWC – City Wide Centrex

DC – Direct Current

DDD – Direct Distance Dialing

DEC – Digital Equipment Corporation

DNR – Dialed Number Recorder

DTST – Dial Tone Speed Test

ECC – Enter Cable Change

EFF – Electronic’s Frontier’s Foundation

ICM – Integrated Call Management

ISDN – Integrated Services Digital Network

KBPS – Kilobits per second

LASS – Local Area Switching Service

LCDN – Last Call Directory Number

LMOS – Loop Maintenance and Operations system

LOD/H – Legion of Doom/ Hacking

LOL – Legion of Lucifer

MBPS – Megabits per second

MINX – Multimedia Information Network Exchange

MLT – Mechanized Loop Testing

PABX – Private Automatic Branch Exchange

PAP{PAG} – Phreak’s Against Phreak’s Against Geeks

PAX – Private Automatic Exchange

PBX – Private Branch Exchange

PIN – Personal Identification Number

POTS – Plain Old Telephone Service

PPN – Project Program Number

RAM – Random Access Memory

ROM – Read Only Memory

RSTS/E – Resource System Time Sharing/Environment

SBDN – Southern Bell Data Network

SS – Special Service

SSN – Social Security Number

SxS – Step-by-Step

TAS – Telephone Answering Service

TH – Trouble History

THG – The Humble Guys

TMC – Telemarketing Communications

TREAT – Trouble Report Evaluation and Analysis Tool

VMB – Voice Mail Box

VMS – Voice Message System

VMS – Virtual Memory System

Xbar – CrossBar

Well, anyways, I guess that should get you started for a while, but I should be coming out with acro02.txt very, very soon. {Probably like in a day or so} Look for it and help me spread this around!

Another note! Due to a hard drive crash, I lost ALL {I do mean ALL} of my cool BBS numbers! If you run a cool BBS and would like to have me give ya a ring send me up the number somewhere I am! Which is probably in the 606 or 513 area code..either that or on one of the few boards I did find around on paper.

In closing, I would like to thank the following folks! Insanus Maximus, Akira, Lestat, and Captain Blah. {<- My local Greets {hehe}} In the far away lands from me, I would like to say 'Hi' to Starbuck {thanks for saving my account!}, Digitone Cypher, and Night well as all the other dudes in LoL/Phuck that are too many for me to mention right now! Any questions or comments should be sent to me {user #2} on The Quest’s End at (606)491-3483… Thanks and Catch ya later,
Max Headroom {513}

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