Acronyms 02

It’s amazing that my first Acronym’s text file went over so well! So, here’s the second and much larger companion to it…Acro 2. Yeah, I know 2 days is a long, long wait for a file. If I keep this up, I will probably have more numbers than I know what to do with. Anyways, my list of numbers keeps growing and circulation for these text files is ever- increasing! Of course, I could always use more numbers and more people to help me spread this rather small series. Hey, what’s 2 or 4k for some of you runners? Anways, I don’t mind the file going around, as I don’t feel there’s anything illegal about telling What certain letters stand for what! If I’m wrong, someone tell me…By the Way, if I leave your group out or just haven’t put it in yet. Send me e-mail as to EXACTLY how you would like it to appear. I don’t do, no full screen ANSI/ASCII folks. But I would like contributions to the series. Such as my group is “Lame0 Cracker’s of America” and we go by LCA! That’s about all I need. Don’t really need a history or anything..just what ya stand for. So, here’s your chance to get your group famous! You know know where to find me!



ACD – Automatic Call Distributor

AIOD – Automatic Identification of Outward Dialing

AIS – Automatic Intercept System

APT – American Phone Terrorists

ARS – Automatic Route Selection

ASCII – American Standard Code for Information Interchange

ATB – All Trunks Busy

AVD – Alternate Voice Data

BB – Bad Brains

BBS – Bulletin Board System

BHC – Busy Hour Calls

BIOS – Basic Input/Output System

BORSCHT {circuit} – Battery, Overvoltage, Ringing, Supervision, Hybrid, & testing

BPS – Bits Per Second

CAMA – Centralized Automatic Message Accounting

CCIS – Common Channel Interoffice Signalling

CCITT – International Telegraph and Telephone Consultative

CCSA – Common Central Switching Arrangement

cDc – Cult of the Dead Cow

CDO – Community Dial Office

CGA – Color Graphics Adapter

CN/A – Customer Name & Address

COAM – Customer Owned and Maintained

COS – Class Of Service

CPH – Cost Per Hour

CPS – Characters Per Second

CPU – Central Processing Unit

CRT – Cathode Ray Tube

CU – Control Unit

db – Decibel

DCTS – Dimension Custom Telephone Service

DID – Direct Inward Dialing

DM – Delta Modulation

DTG – Direct Trunk Group

DTMF – Dual Tone Multi-Frequency

EGA – Enhanced Graphics Adapter

EOTT – End of Toll Trunking

ES – Elektr0Shok

ESB – Emergency Service Bureau

ESS – Electronic Switching System

ETS – Electronic Translation System

FTG – Final Trunk Group

GS – Games Society

HALE – Hacker’s Against Law Enforcement

HUTG – High Usage Trunk Group

IBM – International Business Machines

ISDN – Intergrated Services Digital Network

LAN – Local Area Network

LoD/H – Legion of Doom/Hackers

LoL – Legion of Lucifer

MCGA – Multi-Color Graphics Array

MDA – Monochrome Display Adapter

MF – MultiFrequency

MoD – Master’s of Disaster {original’s}

MoD – Master’s of Destruction

NAC – New Age Crackers

NPA – Number Planning Area

NUA – Network User Address

NUAA – Network User Address Attacker

NPA – Northern Phreaker’s Alliance

NYC – New York Crackers

ONI – Operator Number Identification

PCP – PC Pursuit

PCR – Personal Computer Rats

PCR – Post Call Ratio

PE – Public Enemy

P/H/A – Phreaker’s/Hacker’s/Anarchist’s

PI – Pirate Inc

POOR – Protector’s Of Our Rights

PRE – Prefix

PTC – Part Time Crackers

RGB – Red Green Blue

ROTL – Remote Office Test Line

RTA – Remote Trunk Arrangement

SE – Society Elite

SID – Satanic Incarnate of Doom

SSAN – Social Security Account Number

SSS – Strowger Switching System

SUFF – Suffix

SVGA – Super Video Graphics Array

sysadmin – System Administrator

SxS – Strowger Switch

TCS – The Criminal Syndicate

THG – The Humble Guys

TSAN – The Sysop’s Area Network

TSAN – Tri-State Area {SysOp’s} Network

TSPS – Traffic Sercie Position System

UPI – United Phreaker’s INC

VGA – Video Graphics Array

VMS – Virtual Memory System

VR – Virtual Reality

WES – WEstern Electronics Switching

Welp, so much for another issue of Acronyms! I’m sure I will have a ton more for you next time. The file looks like it’s gonna get bigger each and every time I put one out. After I have done every acronym I can think of I MAY put out a complete guide to acronyms with the entire list in one file. This is a slight chance right now, as I have too much backed up on other fronts.

Well, as usual, I have my Howdy’s! Hey goes out to all the royal 513/606 home front! Especially to Insanus Maximus, Lestat, and Akira to name a few. On the Long distance side, hey to my friends in 415, 416, 818, 904, and especially those in 619! {Yeah, I get around!} On the Looong, long far off front, I want to say hi to all the cool folks I found in 011+81+1, and those in 001+46+8. You’ll be hearing from me soon!

Now for a new section! The Booos! Boos go out to Pirate Inc for Copying the name of Pirate Mag and Phrack INC at the same time. 9600 lamer boards that lock out 2400 callers just cuz they are slower! {I don’t care HOW much you paid for your stupid modem! I’ve seen 2400 baud callers post more and that have more files than you can wet-dream about!} People that crash the Net! And last but not least..those rotten Narc’s {not the group!} that tell fed’s about everyone and anyone! May you all rot in hell!

Stay free and keep reading the files!

Max Headroom {513}

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