AT&T has declared malicious WAR

ATTENTION: All who enjoy the 60% discount on night and weekend calls with AT&T…abandon all hope.

AT&T has declared malicious WAR on all consumers by reducing the 60% night and weekend discount to only %45. This change will take effect on November 2, 1990. This is UNSATISFACTORY! AT&T plans to further increase 2!Q*dP.@residential consumers while simultaneously continuing to DECREASE rates for large businesses who should be carrying the burden of the cost of running the phone system. After all, big businesses make up the bulk of all long distance phone calls. AT&T is kicking it’s consumers in the balls and laughing in their faces.

This can not stand. We, as hackers, can quite possibly make a difference, or if not, at least scratch the surface and start a movement. It is time for us to return fire. We accept this declaration of war! All hackers must unite to fortify our cause. We must cause AT&T all the trouble and turmoil we can muster up. We must hamper AT&T’s service to a point where it becomes noticeable. Make AT&T calling cards the codes of choice. Abuse them to hell! Pass them out to everyone you know! Our friends in Europe really need AT&T calling cards. Let’s extend to them a friendly hand of peace with an AT&T calling card in every palm. Make every effort to disrupt the system. Get into their network switches and run rampant throughout, destroying what you can, and leave a message demanding lower rates. We will NOT foot the bill for big businesses! If anything, they owe US!! Cause uncertainty and doubt among AT&T customers! Make the0$@ Yr whether it is prudent to trust AT&T service and prices. Spread rumors around about AT&T that will make one’s skin crawl. We will not remain silent and simply accept this injustice! We must FIGHT BACK!

Even if you use codes, you still pay for some phone service, and that phone service may be next on the price increase list. We must make a statement now that existing phone service rates are already too high and must be lowered or else. DO NOT RELENT! We hackers will prevail!


Please post this on EVERY BBS or chat system you call. It is imperative that this text be distributed as widely as possible!

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