BindView Announces Availability of bv-Control for UNIX and bv-Control for Internet Security

BALTIMORE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–May 14, 2001– BindView Corporation (NASDAQ: BVEW), a leading provider of IT administration and security management solutions, announced today at the SANS 2001 security conference, the general availability of the bv-Control for UNIX 2.0 and bv-Control for Internet Security 3.0 solutions. The bv-Control for UNIX product helps secure cross-platform UNIX networks by enabling system administrators to report on and administer many aspects of Sun Solaris, HP-UX, or Red Hat Linux operating systems. The bv-Control for Internet solution scans IT infrastructures for all security risks included on the SANS Top Ten Vulnerabilities List and performs more than 650 vulnerability tests in order to help ensure complete network security.

Both the bv-Control for UNIX 2.0 and bv-Control for Internet Security 3.0 products are part of the bv-Control Security Management Suite, which offers customers the ability to assess, analyze and administer the security of their networks, platforms, directories and applications. The bv-Control Security Management Suite offers true cross-platform functionality under the BindView RMS v7 Console software and helps pinpoint and eliminate threats to the safety and integrity of both the internal and external network.

Benefits of bv-Control for UNIX 2.0

bv-Control for UNIX provides IT administrators with the following features and benefits:

–Comprehensive & Real Time Security Assessment: performs checks to key areas of potential vulnerability within UNIX systems. The product ships with over 230 pre-defined reports for assessing the security of the UNIX environment.

–ActiveAdmin(TM): provides the exclusive technology that allows IT administrators to “find and fix” security holes, enforcing standards and implementing security policies across their entire enterprise.

–Custom Query Builder: provides IT administrators with a flexible and comprehensive reporting tool and the ability to develop new queries using a simple point and click interface and to export this data as needed in a variety of formats.

–Baselining Technology: allows IT administrators to quickly document the content of directories or the configuration of servers to uncover unauthorized changes.

Benefits of bv-Control for Internet Security 3.0

–SANS Certification: the bv-Control for Internet Security solution is the only commercial security product certified by the SANS (System Administration, Networking and Security) Institute.

–BindView Reporting Engine: generates multi-tiered reports for executive, management and administrator audiences.

–Real Time Progress Indicator: shows which hosts are being scanned with security checks, indicates the progress of each scan and reports the number of holes found by severity and host.

–Password Integrity Checking: fully integrates password cracking of Windows and UNIX password files with more than 1.3 million words.

–Unique Alerting Capabilities: supports SNMP traps, allowing integration with network management frameworks. The bv-Control for Internet Security solution also allows IT administrators to determine which user or users will receive e-mail messages, alerting them to security threats as they are discovered.

“The bv-Control for UNIX and bv-Control for Internet Security solutions are essential extensions of BindView’s bv-Control product family of comprehensive security management solutions,” said Kevin Weiss, chief marketing officer at BindView. “These products address our customers’ ever-increasing demand for multi-platform security management solutions to protect their IT infrastructures — from both internal and external threats.”

Pricing and Availability

The bv-Control for UNIX 2.0 product is now available and priced at $695 per server and $95 per workstation. Customers who purchase the new UNIX security management solution before June 15, 2001 will also receive a 12-month maintenance plan free of charge. The bv-Control for Internet Security solution will be available June 4 and is priced at $19.95 per IP address and $3,995 per Class C subnet.

About BindView Corporation

BindView, the leader in the vulnerability assessment market, provides software solutions which enhance business performance by helping to ensure the integrity of the IT infrastructure. BindView’s comprehensive software offerings secure and simplify the management and administration of network operating systems, directories and related applications. By enabling corporate IT professionals to effectively leverage their existing technologies, BindView’s award-winning products play a critical role in achieving business goals. More than 10 million licenses of BindView’s solutions have been shipped worldwide to approximately 5,000 companies, including more than 75 of the Fortune 100 and 24 of the largest 25 U.S. banks. Contact BindView via e-mail at or visit BindView’s World Wide Web site at http// BindView can also be reached at (800) 749-8439 or at (713) 561-4000.

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