Cryptomathic and Aladdin Partner to Offer Robust PKI Solutions

CHICAGO, July 26 /PRNewswire/ — Aladdin Knowledge Systems (Nasdaq: ALDN), a global leader in the field of Internet content and software security, today announced that Cryptomathic, a leading e-Security software provider and PKI specialist, joined Aladdin’s eToken Solutions partner program with a PKI application offering seamless usage of the eToken for authentication and signing.

Cryptomathic’s PKI solution, Instant Certification Authority (“INCA”), supports the use of eToken’s convenient storage and key generation capabilities. The eToken can be used for portable, powerful authentication, secure email, web access control and secure logon. eToken is now available as a strategic offering within Cryptomathic’s set of cryptographic tools.

“We are pleased to announce that our e-Security software solutions are interoperable with Aladdin’s eToken,” said Jesper Scharff, CEO of Cryptomathic. “The partnership with Aladdin will provide the possibility of using Cryptomathic’s state-of-the-art PKI software along with the devices from Aladdin, and this will be a great benefit for our customers. I am certain that the added value gained from the partnership will be very positively perceived by users.”

Aladdin’s eToken easily stores the INCA certificates, enabling users to store multiple digital identities managed by the Cryptomathic system. Using two-factor authentication, a user’s certificates are protected by requiring both something the user has, the eToken, and something the user knows, a password. The combination of the token’s physical security and Cryptomathic’s trusted PKI solution provides a strong security solution for vital corporate resources.

“Aladdin is pleased to welcome Cryptomathic to the eToken Solution Partner Program, a growing network of trusted providers of advanced PKI solutions,” said Leedor Agam, Vice President of eBusiness and eToken at Aladdin Knowledge Systems. “We look forward to combining the use of Cryptomathic’s highly recognized solution with the portability and ease of use offered by Aladdin’s key-sized eToken.”

About Cryptomathic’s INCA

Instant Certification Authority (INCA) is the cornerstone of Cryptomathic’s PKI solution. With the possibility of running several CAs on one INCA installation, its main purpose is to issue and manage the certificates of users, service providers and applications. In short, INCA can secure anything from emails through web applications to VPN, legacy applications, reporting systems and more, by offering:

— A flexible and structural design which makes it possible to adapt state-of-the-art PKI technology to suit any business needs;

— Interoperability – INCA is designed according to business standards (PKIX) and is tailored to support any required certificate extension — including individual extensions (X.509v3); and

— Scalability – INCA is designed to fit both current and future requirements.

Additionally, a fully PKIX-compliant SDK (Software Development Kit), with an easy-to-use API provided in ANSI C, makes integration into almost any application efficient, manageable and affordable. The modular architecture of INCA enables integration with any application, as well as porting to various platforms.

When being certified, users are registered locally by administration officers using either the INCA LRA application or specially designed applications using the LRA server (an API provided in ANSI C, e.g., for integration of available data external to INCA). INCA is unique in the sense that certificates can be provided with an extension (certStatusInfo) which defines the status of the certificates and the exact time this status is guaranteed.

About eToken

eToken, a USB device about the size of a normal house key, is now widely accepted as the ultimate device for securing your networks and e-Business needs. It offers a fully portable and cost effective means to authenticate users and to digitally sign sensitive business transactions.

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, eToken PRO offers advanced Smartcard functionality with a robust onboard cryptographic processor such as 1024-bit RSA, 3xDES, SHA1 and MD5. eToken PRO offers unmatched levels of physical and logical protection with its ITSEC LE4 Smartcard chip security accreditation. With its onboard 1024-bit RSA processor, eToken PRO is the ideal solution for PKI-enabled applications since all sensitive operations and signing, including PKI key generation, can be done in the secure environment on the token itself away from the hostile environment of the PC. eToken R2 offers simple yet robust 120bit DESX onboard security functionality as its underlying technology, offering both 2-factor authentication and full support for PKI applications through its ability to securely store private keys and digital certificates.

Both the eToken PRO and the R2 offer enhanced physical features in their newly designed one-piece plastic housings, providing unmatched tamper-evident and water-resistant containers. Support for open, non-proprietary security standards such as Microsoft CAPI & PKCS11, makes integration with security applications quick and smooth. eToken’s innovative “Enterprise” solution set also offers out-of-the-box plug-and-play connectivity for various security clients. Securing your networks and eBusiness applications has never been as easy and intuitive.

For more information regarding Aladdin’s eToken Solution Partner Program, please visit .

About Cryptomathic

Cryptomathic is one of the world’s leading companies in e-Security. With more than 15 years in the business, Cryptomathic specializes in commercial cryptography and assists customers in securing their businesses by providing best-of-breed e-Security software and consultancy. The product portfolio ranges from cryptographic toolboxes to overall security solutions and services. Products include a complete PKI solution, a time stamping solution as well as a pre-personalization product for payment smartcards. Customers are being served through the head office in Denmark and subsidiaries in Belgium, Italy and England. Please visit Cryptomathic’s Web site at .

About Aladdin

Aladdin (Nasdaq: ALDN) is a global leader in securing digital content, from applications software to Internet use and access. Aladdin’s products include: HASP and Hardlock, software security systems that protect the revenues of developers and publishers; Privilege, a software licensing platform for the Internet; the eSafe line of anti-vandal, anti-virus and content filtering software for PCs and networks connected to the Internet; and eToken for Internet security and authentication. Aladdin serves its customers through eight offices located in the world’s major software markets, as well as through a network of 50 distributors serving more than 100 countries. For more information, please visit .

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