IBM Announces An Enterprise Privacy Architecture Protecting Brand, Building Customer Trust And Adding Business Value Through Privacy Protection

SOMERS, NY — 06/29/2001 — IBM today unveiled a comprehensive Enterprise Privacy Architecture (EPA) to address the complex privacy challenges facing 21st century businesses, governments and other organizations. The patent-pending EPA provides a road map for privacy management and solutions to help companies protect customer, employee and partner information.

“The Enterprise Privacy Architecture we’re announcing today is a significant privacy and business development. It affords organizations a framework for efficiently imbedding their privacy requirements into every level of the business, while integrating with existing e-business initiatives,” said Mike Bilger, global practice leader, security and privacy, IBM Global Services.

This architecture responds to business demand for tailored enterprise privacy controls. It is designed to help organizations manage and protect their three most vital assets — data, customer relationships, and brand. IBM’s privacy blueprint balances growing needs for information with the privacy concerns of individuals, thereby permitting integration of business and external privacy rules, customer preferences, and privacy best practices into line-of-business and customer-centric business processes. IBM developed the EPA in response to client needs to move privacy beyond policy and to align IT and management to make privacy work for businesses and their customers.

“IBM’s Tivoli Systems management team has been key contributors to the EPA, and our Tivoli SecureWay Privacy Manager product serves as a major component of the EPA road map initiative,” said Jeff Smith, Senior Vice-President, Application Products, Tivoli Systems Inc. “Combining the EPA with Tivoli SecureWay Policy Director and Tivoli SecureWay Privacy Manager, security and privacy policies can be monitored and enforced consistently across the enterprise.”

Zero-Knowledge Systems’ Privacy Rights Management (PRM) technologies will complement IBM’s EPA, and help accelerate industry’s ability to implement the EPA vision.

“Zero-Knowledge(r) Systems’ Privacy Rights Management technologies, in concert with IBM’s EPA, will for the first time provide businesses with the privacy tools, methodology and expertise required to close the gap between stated policies, customer preferences and operational realities,” said John Beans, Vice-President, Product Marketing, Enterprise Products, Zero-Knowledge Systems.

The development of the EPA is based on the growing number of companies that understand privacy as an essential element to cultivating strong relationships by using information effectively and appropriately. The EPA takes organizations a step further by helping to transform privacy from a cost of doing business to a business value with strong return on investment (ROI).

“The combination of the EPA blueprint and consulting services, together with the technology capabilities of companies like Tivoli and Zero-Knowledge Systems, will enable leaders around the world to approach the privacy challenge strategically and efficiently,” said Harriet Pearson, Chief Privacy Officer, IBM.

Through a mix of consulting methodology and technology integration, the EPA aligns corporate-level policy with practices and appropriate technologies through rigorous EPA-based analysis of infrastructure, processes, information flows, and practices. EPA identifies selected privacy risks and opportunities to improve core business functions across an enterprise. EPA can also be used assist enterprises in addressing and leveraging privacy for e-business initiatives such as customer relationship management and business intelligence implementations. An important part of the EPA privacy ROI is in its scalability, flexibility and ability to leverage the best privacy-enabling technologies available in the marketplace today — such as those from Tivoli and Zero-Knowledge Systems.

The Enterprise Privacy Architecture was designed by a cross-IBM team, including expert privacy consultants from IBM’s Privacy Center of Competence, representatives of IBM’s Research Division, IBM’s Chief Privacy Officer, and Tivoli Systems, alongside IBM’s knowledge management and pervasive computing teams and its customer database management group.

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