I/O Software Releases SecureSuite SDK to Developers and Integrators

Windows Developers Are Given Powerful Tool to Develop And Integrate Biometrically Enabled Applications

RIVERSIDE, Calif., May 10 /PRNewswire/ — I/O Software Inc., a leading developer of information security software, today announced that it is making its SecureSuite Software Developer’s Kit (SDK) available to Microsoft Windows(R) developers and integrators. The tool kit, called SecureSDK, will enable ISVs, software developers and integrators to incorporate the most advanced authentication technologies into their applications with minimal development effort.

I/O Software’s SecureSuite core authentication technology and Biometric API (BAPI) were recently licensed by Microsoft Corp. for integration into future versions of its operating systems. The release of I/O Software’s SecureSDK is thus a major step for the industry, as it will give all developers the ability to fully leverage the same core authentication technology used in I/O Software’s SecureSuite core and full line of products covering Windows 98, Me, NT, 2000, and XP. From a developer’s perspective, SecureSDK will considerably streamline development by alleviating the burden of managing users, devices and authentication services.

“We are thrilled to release this software developer’s kit. Software developers and integrators have been looking for a powerful and cost-effective tool to build authentication functionality and security into their critical applications,” said William Saito, President and CEO of I/O Software, Inc. “SecureSDK will finally give them the opportunity to base their development efforts on recognized and established third generation authentication technology while at the same time offering the flexibility and functionality that their unique applications require.”

Product Features and Benefits

SecureSDK is a security management infrastructure that supports biometric devices such as fingerprint readers and iris scanners, as well as smart cards, RFID’s and other security tokens. SecureSDK will provide user authentication, device management, cryptographic functionality and account management services, access to secure storage of credentials within SecureSuite’s database, as well as devices that support on-board protected storage, authentication and encryption. Designed as a highly flexible and customizable toolkit, SecureSDK will allow developers to exercise as much control over user authentication as required by their application, while at the same time providing access to dozens of BAPI compliant authentication devices. Device functionality is provided via a standardized API, with a simple uniform interface for all applications. In addition, SecureSDK will allow for server based management authentication credentials.


SecureSDK supports a variety of authentication technologies that can be leveraged for a variety of Windows(R) based applications, including transaction solutions, time and attendance solutions, physical access control, application access control, or virtually any application that requires verification of a person’s identity.


I/O Software will make SecureSDK available to the public starting May 15th, 2001. It will show SecureSDK and take orders throughout the upcoming security industry’s 11th Annual Conference and Exhibition CardTech SecureTech at the Sands Expo in Las Vegas, May 15-17. SecureSDK can also be purchased by contacting I/O Software at (909) 222-7600 or through sales@iosoftware.com.

About I/O Software

I/O Software of Riverside is a leading developer of highly versatile information security software for user authentication, encryption, and Internet/e-commerce using PKI and digital certificates. These applications support a wide range of authentication devices, which include biometrics (i.e., fingerprint, iris, retinal, voice and facial recognition), smart cards and tokens. Recipient of the 2000 Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Award, 2000 Codie Award Finalist, and 2001 Smithsonian Computerworld Award Laureate, I/O Software provides biometric/infosec-related consulting and engineering services to its Fortune 500 clients. Information on I/O Software’s products is available at http://www.iosoftware.com/ or by calling (909) 222-7600.

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