JAWZ and Emagebox.com Develop Secure Applications for Advertising and Entertainment Industry

FAIRFIELD, N.J. & TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–May 3, 2001–JAWZ Inc. (Nasdaq:JAWZ), a leading provider of secure information management solutions, and Emagebox.com today announced a strategic partnership for the development of secure interactive solutions.

JAWZ Inc. and Emagebox.com Inc. are working together to explore “Digital Media Distribution System” a secure method for delivering advertising and entertainment industry products and content over the Internet. This solution will also ensure the privacy and confidentiality of information being transmitted.

The potential of this relationship is to build and jointly market a secure, encrypted delivery mechanism that will support a variety of user authentication capabilities, including digital signatures and biometric identification systems.

“We’re pleased to be working in partnership with Emagebox.com on secure applications for industries as dynamic as Advertising and Entertainment,” said Robert Kubbernus, Chairman and CEO, JAWZ Inc. “These industries have huge growth potential in securing their B2B and B2C digital applications.”

The Digital Media Distribution System is a digital catalogue system that cost-effectively delivers digital media, such as audio and video, to location specific businesses and consumers. For businesses, it brings interactive digital retailing to numerous industries faced with high inventory costs, changing consumer tastes, and shrinking shelf space by merging traditional in-store/out-of-store video marketing with new broadband and encryption technologies.

This innovative Linux component-based system is a digital warehouse and distribution network that integrates advanced encryption technology into industries faced with high-cost distribution models.

“We believe that the top-notch security skills at JAWZ are critical to the launch of this new service,” said Marius Petrescu, President and CEO of Emagebox.com Inc.

About Emagebox Inc.:

Emagebox Inc. is engaged in the development of an interactive marketplace for entertainment products and services used and delivered by producers, production, post-production and distribution firms and end-users worldwide. The company also plans to host, create and distribute Internet entertainment content, plus provide market-testing services to other distributors. The need for a secure e-distribution system with a certified receipt capability led to the development of plans for a number of joint ventures. A separate division of Emagebox Inc. that is involved in the development and licensing of proprietary software technology manages this initiative. The company also provides preparation and financing consulting services for IT related companies that are in the process of financing and publicly listing on the NASDAQ OTCBB market. This responsibility is part of the mandate of Emagebox for its partnerships.

About JAWZ Inc.: “JAWZ by Name – Protective by Nature”

JAWZ Inc. is a leading secure information management solutions provider, specializing in the field of full service information security. The company’s products and services line includes security software products, consulting services and secure Internet and remote data storage services. These products are offered to key client groups including healthcare providers, governments, law enforcement, financial services, e-commerce businesses, and telecom suppliers specializing as Application Service Providers (ASP) and Internet Service Providers (ISP). It has approximately 50 established strategic partnerships and 400 corporate clients including CU-Connect, Verizon Communications, Group Telecom, TELUS, Oracle, GE, among others. International headquarters for JAWZ is located in Toronto, Canada with its US head office in Fairfield, New Jersey. For more information please visit our website www.JAWZinc.com or call 1-888-301-5297.

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