Kaspersky Anti-Virus Protects more than 3 Million MAIL.RU Users’ E-Mail Boxes

Kaspersky Lab, an international data-security software-development company, and the first-rate Russian Internet holding Port.ru (www.port.ru) announce the start of a joint project to provide users of the popular public e-mail service MAIL.RU with free anti-virus correspondence scanning.

Today, MAIL.RU is the largest Russian e-mail provider servicing more than 3 million user e-mail boxes in many places around the world. Users are able to read and send e-mail using a Web interface, any POP3-enabled e-mail client or mobile phone supporting WAP. Every day, up to 7,000 new e-mail boxes are registered at MAIL.RU, with monthly figures exceeding 1? million visitors, and daily e-mail traffic eclipsing more than 100 gigabytes. All users are provided with round-the-clock technical support and a wide selection of additional services such as: answering service, e-mail collecting from other servers, customizable filter, address book etc. “The exclusive ease and simplicity of our e-mail service determined its huge popularity – at least one in three Russian Internet users today has an e-mail box in MAIL.RU. This presents us with a large responsibility for the safety of our users; therefore, we decided to include an e-mail anti-virus scanning into the MAIL.RU system,” commented Viktor Lavrenko, Port.ru Vice President.

The e-mail anti-virus filter is an integrated software-hardware-based complex based on the Kaspersky Anti-Virus version for the FreeBSD operating system. The system’s working design incorporates the scanning of attached files on-demand: in order to scan received files, a user must click on the corresponding button to start the scanning. This working technology eliminates the slow procedure of processing e-mail traffic on the server level, and offers users the possibility to decide for themselves what to do with received files.

“Now, at the helm of computer safety for MAIL.RU users stands all the latest anti-virus technologies: archived and compressed files scanning, message scanning at any nesting level, a unique second generation heuristic code analyzer searching for unknown viruses, and daily anti-virus database updates,” said Denis Zenkin, Head of Corporate Communications at Kaspersky Lab. “We are confident that this imposing arsenal will aid users of the largest Russian e-mail service to minimize the possibility of any type of malicious code penetrating their computers and make their work as safe as possible.”

“The choice of Kaspersky Anti-Virus to protect MAIL.RU users is not a coincidence. As a result of testing other anti-virus products, we have come to the decision that this program specifically is the most reliable and effective in the battle with malicious code,” added Mr. Lavrenko.

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