MDD Inc. Launches Trusted Enterprise Manager 4.0

New Product Release Extends Windows 2000 System Management Capabilities with Enhanced Functionality

San Ramon, CA . – April, 2001 – MDD Inc. a provider of software for automating Windows NT and Windows 2000 system administration today announced availability of Trusted Enterprise Manager (TEM) 4.0. For Windows NT/2000 and Microsoft Exchange system administrators concerned about reducing the complexity of managing operations in the Microsoft Enterprise, MDD’s TEM 4.0 is a centralized console for simplifying and automating routine tasks. Unlike existing system management products, TEM combines rich task automation and secure delegation along with a SQL repository resulting in lower cost of ownership, greater administrator accountability and enhanced network security.

“The adoption and deployment of Windows 2000 highlights the need for robust and mature management tools such as Trusted Enterprise Manager more than ever before,” says Nelson Cicchitto, CTO of MDD Inc. “Full adoption of Active Directory is lagging due to its sheer complexity and lack of proven best practices for deployment and operations. TEM’s comprehensive task automation model, coupled with delegation, auditing and reporting, directly address these shortcomings.”

Increasing Efficiency in Daily Windows 2000 Operations with TEM 4.0

TEM was built from the ground up to simplify complex tasks, integrate functionality into logical workflow, increase security across WindowsNT/2000 networks and to decrease administration time and costs. Over 1000 customers worldwide use TEM to automate, consolidate, and securely delegate routine tasks associated with user account management across Windows 2000 and NT4, Exchange and the WTS/Citrix Metaframe environments. MDD pioneered the Directory Shadow Repository (DSR) architecture providing accountability through automated audit and reporting on tasks executed in the TEM environment.

TEM 4.0 brings MDD’s vision to create a full-service console for Microsoft Enterprise Management a step closer with the addition of native machine and service delegation, retained OU paths in Windows 2000, improved interface and memory management. “We are particularly excited about TEM 4.0’s dynamic wildcard delegation,” says Michael Hooper, Manager of IT Services at the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham who is Beta testing TEM 4.0 in the Windows 2000 environment. “This capability shields my delegate managers from the complexities of Active Directory and allows them to manage computers, services and shares without having to navigate through the ADS hierarchy.”

For the security minded, MDD has integrated two new products with TEM 4.0. MDD’s Password Bouncer provides capability to extend native Windows2000 password policy and reject weak passwords that can be easily cracked and compromised. MDD has also entered into a strategic partnership with Small Wonders Software integrating Enterprise Security Reporter into TEM 4.0 for reporting on directory, file and share permissions.

Pricing and Availability

TEM 4.0 is now available for purchase directly from MDD Inc. or one of its authorized channel partners. Licensing for TEM 4.0 is based on total number of managed Windows NT and/or Windows 2000 accounts. Entry level pricing starts at $XXXX for a minimum of 250 users. Password Bouncer and Enterprise Security Reporter are licensed and purchased in addition to TEM. A 30-day evaluation license of TEM 4.0, Password Bouncer and Enterprise Security

Reporter may be downloaded from


Master Design & Development Inc. (MDD Inc.), founded in 1995 in San Ramon, California, is pioneering unique, standards-based solutions that simplify, secure, and enhance enterprise directory management. MDD’s signature product, Trusted Enterprise Manager (TEM) is the leading Windows NT administration solution on the market today, allowing distributed enterprises to increase the quality of their IT service levels, decrease internal security exposure and dramatically lower their total cost of ownership. Over the past 3 years, MDD has generated tremendous growth in sales by deploying TEM in such organizations as NASA (60,000 seats), Chevron (45,000 seats), Eli Lily (36,000 seats) and Delta Airlines (60,000 seats); as well as many other accounts ranging from 250 seats up. To contact MDD Inc., please call (800) 609-8610, or email MDD Inc. can be found on the Web at:

About Small Wonders Software

Small Wonders Software, a privately held corporation founded in 1993, is committed to providing progressive administrative and security software for Windows NT/2000 networks. Dedicated to developing innovative software solutions, our goal is to ease and improve administration while increasing end user company efficiency and reducing administrative costs. Our expert products, reputed for their superior performance, value and reliability offer solutions for enterprises worldwide. Small Wonders Software is devoted to embracing new technology and pioneering new software tools, all the while maintaining outstanding customer service. Small Wonders Software’s clients consist of both nationally and internationally recognized leaders from corporations, banks, educational institutions, and the United States government

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