New Web Security Technology Monitors Web Servers For Hacker Entry And Provides Quick Automatic Recovery Of Hacked Files

Merrillville, IN-(6/01/01) Cimcor, Inc. releases its new hacker detection system for Web Servers, CimTrak – Web Security Edition. This amazing new product offers advanced web server monitoring against hackers and provides automated counter measures for immediate recovery. CimTrak, change control software for mission critical applications, has been extended to offer real-time web monitoring in order to maintain the integrity of Web Servers. CimTrak – Web Security Edition can be implemented as a stand-alone product or as an integral part of the CimTrak Enterprise-Wide change management system. Robert E. Johnson, III, the President of Cimcor, Inc., stated “We feel that CimTrak – Web Security Edition brings industrial strength change control and security mechanisms to the Enterprise by finally enabling them to secure Web Servers and other critical servers from unauthorized modifications.”

The number of websites that experience some form of attack is steadily on the rise. Hackers are constantly on the prowl for disk space, bandwidth, and system resources. Firewalls and other methods often fail to prevent hackers from accessing and modifying information on corporate servers. CimTrak – Web Security Edition provides a second level of security by providing a virtual alarm system, indicating when a hacker has entered the system and modified a key system file. CimTrak – Web Security Edition provides organizations with a quick and automatic method to detect these intrusions and other malicious attacks and a way to automatically replace any modified file with the original file. CimTrak – Web Security Edition works by initially creating a unique digital signature for all the critical files in a website. If an unauthorized change is detected, it will instantly notify the system administrator, and automatically restore the web page or file, which was modified by a hacker, back to its original state. This is possible because CimTrak maintains a complete copy of the website in a master repository. This repository maintains the entire revision history of the website. In addition to detecting changes in content, CimTrak – Web Security Edition will also monitor a variety of critical system parameters such as available disk space, physical memory, CPU utilization, and Bandwidth Utilization. Instant alerts are transmitted via CimTrak’s internal message system and via email if the system monitor determines that the server is not functioning within proper operating specifications. CimTrak maintains a log of any possible intrusions and modifications for investigative and legal purposes.

CimTrak – Web Security Edition is currently available and supports Internet Information Server (IIS) for Microsoft Windows NT / 2000 with Apache for Linux under development. Support for additional operating systems and HTTP Servers will be released in the future.

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