Norman Rolls Out Suite of Security Solutions for Small Businesses

Norman Small Business Products Designed for High Performance and Easy Use

FAIRFAX, Va., June 26 /PRNewswire/ — Norman Data Defense Systems, a specialist in the field of data security, announced today that it is now offering a suite of information security solutions that are designed specifically to meet the needs of the small business market. Norman’s Small Business Suite features Norman’s top-rated anti-virus product, Norman Virus Control 5 (NVC 5), Norman Personal Firewall (NPF), and Norman Privacy. “We’re pleased to offer a suite of security products that addresses the special needs of small businesses,” stated Hank Dugan, President and Chief Executive Officer of Norman Data Defense Systems, the North American subsidiary of Norman ASA. “These products are designed to make life easier for small business network administrators by being simple to install, use and update, while offering a variety of features that are readily customized to adapt to the unique security environment of each company.”

Norman’s Small Business Suite meets the essential security requirements of small businesses, providing virus control, encryption, and a PC firewall which protects all on-line transactions from the PC, a critical security component for small businesses, as well as all companies with telecommuters. “Norman’s small business products are among the market’s highest performing security solutions in their class, so busy administrators with limited resources gain peace of mind knowing that they have comprehensive protection against the growing proliferation of threats to their companies’ intellectual property and records,” added Dugan.

As one of the few information security specialists dedicated to helping small businesses address their security needs, Norman combines its high performing products with its commitment to personalized customer care. “Norman is committed to leveling the playing field for small businesses, which must compete in this fast paced high tech market dominated by large companies, by giving them easy access to quality products as well as the most responsive customer service available,” said Dugan. “We want to build long lasting relationships with our small business customers that continue well beyond the sale of the product in order to get to know each of them individually so that we can better understand their short-term and long-term needs.”

Norman Virus Control 5

Norman’s newest generation of virus control, NVC 5, contains ground- breaking network administration technology — called ZANDA, Zero Administration Network Distribution Agent — which makes the product among the easiest and fastest to roll out and administer, helping small businesses conserve limited time and resources. Also, NVC 5 updates definition files and new versions and features automatically and on a regular basis. And the network administrator can run the service on workstations at a level that is nearly invisible to users, providing a high level of protection while minimizing user errors and questions.

One of the most significant benefits of NVC 5 is its central event log, which collects information about the status of each workstation and sends messages to the network administrator on occurrences, including virus detections and warnings, installation and program errors. This function helps busy administrators manage entire systems with little effort. And NVC 5 uses minimal system resources, unlike other products on the market.

“NVC 5’s high performance, easy installation, automatic updates, and central management — combined with our company-wide commitment to personalized customer care — make it the best anti-virus product for small businesses, whose network administrators and employees are busy and have few resources, less than advanced technical expertise, and small budgets,” added Dugan.

NVC 5 has been selected as “Editors Choice for Small Business” by Personal Computer Magazine (June 2001) in the U.K. Norman Virus Control also has a consistent record of rating highly in product tests and has received two Virus Bulletin 100% Awards this year and thirteen since 1998.

Norman Personal Firewall

Norman Personal Firewall (NPF) is designed to protect office workstations as well as home computers from hackers and is easy to install and use in both environments. For small businesses that rely on telecommuters who work at home or on laptops, NPF provides protection for PCs at the office, as well as for those used by employees and subcontractors at homes and other locations. “Many companies believe that as long as they have protected office workstations and servers, they are operating secure systems. They fail to realize that employees working on PCs or laptops at home or on the road create gaping security loopholes,” said Dugan. “NPF will close those loopholes, minimizing risks and allowing the company to protect the privacy of personal and corporate data.”

NPF increases user efficiency while online by offering an ad-blocker function that speeds up download time by blocking advertisements. Additional features include the ability to control packets of data, inbound and outbound on a per application and per site basis, and user-controlled functions for comprehensive logging of URLs/processes/ ports. Also NPF offers fewer defaults than competitors’ firewall products, which are designed primarily for the home market, so the small business user controls all information at all times and is able to create exactly the kind of secure environment he or she requires.

Norman Privacy

Norman Privacy is essential to small businesses in protecting all transfers of data external to the office, including those of employees who work on home PCs or laptops and must communicate with the office via the Internet or other modem connections. The product safeguards against risks to sharing of data (especially Internet file transfers) by encrypting text, directories and files and providing keys to ensure that the user’s encrypted data can be read only by the people for whom it is intended. The user can create as many keys for as many different people as he or she likes. Norman Privacy can encrypt an entire e-mail, or attachments, or selected parts of an email. The product offers a choice of the following algorithms: Blowfish (1.0), Blowfish (2.0) or DES (Data Encryption Standard). Easy to install and use, Norman Privacy has been rated “First in Encryption” by PC Magazine, Germany based on its level of protection and ease of use.

About Norman Data Defense Systems:

The North American subsidiary of Norman ASA, Norman Data Defense Systems is a recognized data security specialist dedicated to providing computer security solutions and personalized customer care to small businesses. Norman’s top-rated products include those for virus control, access control, encryption, network security, PKI solutions, risk management, data recovery, and certified data erasure. To find out more about the company, visit Norman Data Defense Systems via the Internet at .

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