Oblix Delivers First XML-Based Web Security Solution That Spans Both Identity and Access Management

CUPERTINO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–July 16, 2001–

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Newest Oblix NetPoint 5.0 Release-

Oblix Inc., a leading developer of e-business infrastructure software, today announced that its newly released Oblix NetPoint 5.0 is the first XML-based web access management solution that addresses demand for openness and interoperability through a Web services architecture built for the enterprise. Oblix NetPoint 5.0 features AccessXML, IdentityXML, and PresentationXML that lower the cost of administration by automating business processes and easing the integration of Web access management systems with an existing e-business infrastructure.

“Identity and access management systems are the critical enabling infrastructure that makes e-business possible. Oblix NetPoint 5.0 represents the new generation of XML-centric systems that will provide standards-based interoperability across corporate boundaries, and flexible integration with applications that rely on identity and security services,” says Phil Schacter, vice president and director, Network Strategy Services, The Burton Group.

XML-Based Integration Services

By delivering a set of XML-based Integration Services, Oblix NetPoint 5.0 mitigates the concerns companies have over spending valuable resources and time on connecting disparate systems and applications to a Web access management infrastructure solution.

IdentityXML allows applications to easily tap into Oblix NetPoint’s identity management functionality. Companies can use IdentityXML to execute automated routines for Oblix NetPoint Identity System functionality without having to go through a Web browser. These automated routines include executing multi-step workflows and changes to user identity profiles and group and organization objects programmatically through XML. For example, users can be created in CRM or human resource management systems (HRMS) and later added to specified LDAP groups by having the CRM or HRMS system trigger Oblix NetPoint’s workflow functionality directly through IdentityXML.

AccessXML allows applications or systems to access Oblix NetPoint’s authentication and authorization services programmatically through XML. Based on the emerging Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) specification for XML-based authentication and authorization Web services, AccessXML allows Oblix NetPoint customers to extend their security infrastructure to developers within the organization and business partners outside of the organization’s firewall.

PresentationXML offers XSL stylesheets that enable a fully customizable user interface for the Oblix NetPoint Identity System.

“Our customers need open solutions such as Oblix NetPoint for their cross-platform environments,” states Matt Green, president of worldwide sales, BEA Systems. “With NetPoint, companies finally have a solution that provides the maximum flexibility and reusability to efficiently scale their ever increasing number of e-business interactions as their networks invite more and more users in and new technologies are added.”

“Oblix is a trusted partner and their newest Oblix NetPoint Web access management solution delivers the strong security and business value that our customers seek,” says Kristen Brown, vice president of business development, Bowstreet. “Oblix NetPoint 5.0 makes a significant leap forward for security infrastructure solutions with its XML-based Web services and APIs for both identity and access management.”

Oblix has been a proponent of security standards since its inception. The company actively participates in the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS), an international consortium that advances electronic business by promoting open, collaborative development of interoperability specifications. Currently, an Oblix engineer co-chairs the Security Services Technical Committee at OASIS, the committee responsible for advancing SAML, a common XML security standard for exchanging authentication and authorization information. Oblix intends to fully support the SAML interoperability specification once that effort is completed.

About Oblix Inc.

Oblix Inc. is a leading developer of e-business infrastructure software that securely connects the right people to the right resources on e-business networks. The company’s flagship product, Oblix NetPoint, is a Web access management solution that provides single sign-on and access control capabilities in addition to a rich set of identity management functionality. Global corporations such as Amdahl, APL, Applied Materials, Hitachi, i2 Technologies, Intuit, Kinko’s, Medtronic, Norsk Hydro, Stanford University, Tellabs, Xerox and many more rely on Oblix solutions. Oblix investors include Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Patricof & Co., Van Wagoner Capital Management, Cisco Systems, Intel 64 Fund, Focus Ventures, Credit Suisse First Boston, JP Morgan, Sumitomo Corporation and Novell, Inc. Oblix is headquartered in Cupertino, California and has offices in North America and Europe. To reach Oblix, please call (408) 861-6800 or visit www.oblix.com.

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