Patent-Pending Technology, IP360, Helps Stop Network Intrusions Before They Happen

EMERYVILLE, Calif., July 3 /PRNewswire/ — nCircle Network Security, Inc., a pioneer in next-generation network security, today immediate availability of the industry’s first network security risk management system delivering bonafide intrusion prevention. IP360 is a scalable, cost-effective solution that integrates non-invasive, continuous vulnerability assessment, wirespeed, intelligent traffic monitoring, and centralized management and reporting. The IP360 architecture is based on the fact that effective network security requires three things:

Discovery: Continuous knowledge of all devices, operating systems, and applications on the network — and what vulnerabilities exist — in order to understand exposure

Monitoring: Real-time inspection of traffic moving across the network, at the payload level, with understanding of the exposures (if any) that exist at the intended destination

Control: A centralized mechanism to aggregate, analyze, and act on this information

Additionally, IP360 emphasizes intrusion prevention first, with detection as a fallback. Other network security technologies focus on alarm systems which generate so much spurious activity that they are only useful for after-the-fact analysis. In sharp contrast, with IP360, companies can for the first time, prevent loss by eliminating non-essential exposures. In addition, because IP360 detects only those intrusions that pose a legitimate system risk, far better security can be achieved with a smaller staff. “Security is a business problem that is inadequately addressed by the current generation of products,” said nCircle CEO, Ridgely Evers. “We created a dynamic, continuous and distributed security platform so that customers can operate their networks consistently with their business requirements instead of constantly worrying about security.”

Until the launch of IP360, corporations have had no viable network intrusion prevention mechanism. They have had to rely extensively on security alarms, which signal a security breach only after it has occurred, making effective network security virtually impossible. nCircle’s IP360 provides continuous, non-invasive scanning of network devices via its patent-pending Reflex Testing(TM) technology, which features up-to-date status of operating systems, applications, and vulnerabilities on the network. That knowledge may be used by the regular IT staff-rather than expensive network security specialists-to preemptively eliminate exposures. Additionally, that knowledge is utilized by IP360’s intrusion sensors, which understand the current state of the network, triggering alerts when — and only when — an attack is targeting a vulnerable system.

“IP360 paid for itself within the first two weeks,” said John Shields, senior vice president of e-business for Patelco Credit Union. “I’m especially pleased by how few resources it requires, both for setup and for operation, while providing us with complete control and rich information.”

IP360 Patent Pending Product Architecture

Discovery and Prevention

Distributed around the network, IP360’s scanning sensors are 1u hardware devices running nCircle’s proprietary, non-invasive Reflex Testing technology that discovers all devices, operating systems, and applications, detecting and reporting their vulnerabilities without exploiting them. This provides a path to lock down all non-essential exposures.

Monitoring and Alarming

Intrusion sensors provide real-time monitoring of network traffic at 100 Mbps. Better than IDS, the intrusion sensors communicate constantly with the scanning sensors and are continuously aware of the state of the network. IP360 evaluates potential attacks against the network’s current vulnerabilities and alerts network administrators only to relevant break-in attempts, minimizing false positives-and false negatives.


A powerful management and reporting interface ties together all the sensor data to provide a clear picture of the current threat environment. IP360 enables systems administrators to manage security and provide appropriate incident responses, minimizing the need for expensive network security specialists. In addition, the system is continuously and automatically upgraded as new vulnerabilities are discovered, without the need to install additional software.


Unlike other systems that are limited to generic network coverage, IP360 enables users to develop discovery and protection rules for any environment, including custom applications and network policies. IP360’s rules are formed using Ontology, nCircle’s patent-pending, English-like rules language. The capabilities of Ontology are easily accessible through a rule creation wizard and a graphical rule editor.


IP360 is designed to handle networks of any size and complexity.

Product Availability and Pricing

Available immediately, IP360 is offered on a subscription basis. Customers have complete control and nCircle does the work of installing, supporting, configuring and maintaining all necessary infrastructure. With pricing based on the number of protected IP addresses, IP360 is also extremely cost-effective. For more information, please contact 888-464-2900 or visit

About nCircle

nCircle is a pioneer in next-generation network security. Its patent- pending IP360 solution is the first comprehensive network risk management system, and delivers continuous, non-invasive vulnerability assessment combined with full wire-speed traffic monitoring. nCircle, whose customers include Global 1000 firms, is privately funded by BV Capital, Court Square Ventures, Industry Ventures, Millennium Hanson, Tall Oaks, and other investors. Founded in 1998 by renowned security expert John S. Flowers, the company is headquartered in Emeryville, CA.

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