Software-Police Anti-Piracy Self-Reporting Software Program Could Finally Mark End to Annual $16 Billion Soft-Theft

TEL AVIV, Israel–BUSINESS WIRE)–July 23, 2001–The Software-Police(TM) announced today the release of its powerful, ground-breaking online anti-piracy security software reporting system.

This information technology service program is capable of capturing over 127,500,000 illegal uses of software per hour. The Israel-based firm is selling its intellectual property at a trade summit convened by the Honorable James S. Gilmore II, Governor of Virginia, at the end of July.

The firm developed the proprietary program (patent pending) that will be implanted in software manufacturers’ commercial products. According to CEO Neri Haimov, “Software-Police will prove invaluable to anti-piracy private industry investigators. Unlike all other anti-piracy products in the marketplace, ours is actively scoping the Net, and catching and recording real-time unauthorized users. We are not aware of any competition that comes close to its effectiveness.”

Industry groups like the Business Software Alliance and the Software Information Industry Alliance have for years been waging an attention-getting war against the silent copyright killer, software theft, yet can’t rid an estimated $16 billion world-wide loss (1999). Until now, multimillion-dollar campaigns have included TV, radio and billboard ads, as well as truces and education campaigns.

It can nab single or batch abusers and covers everything online including digital music files, warez, video files, streaming video, games, and any other kind of downloaded software. Software-Police can also catch knock-off copies and detect illegal use within LANs.

CEO Haimov states, “We’re fully committed to protecting consumer privacy. Our system requires software users – and abusers — to understand and exercise their rights. They’re pre-warned and at the same time are told they’re agreeing to hand over their personal details if they use the software in an unauthorized fashion.”

The firm was created for the sole purpose of designing software security products in response to market needs, and then selling their intellectual property outright. The Software-Police is debuting their intellectual property at the Virginia-Israel Technology Trade Summit 2001 (VITTS) on July 30th in Herndon, Virginia, The Center for Innovative Technology, from 5-5:30 PM, Auditorium.

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