[ The History of MOD ] – book three



[ The History of MOD ]

BOOK THREE: A Kick In The Groin

Well, suffice it to say, the fun couldn’t last forever. On January 24, 1990, the Secret Service visited the homes of Acid Phreak, Phiber Optik, and Scorpion.

The raid didn’t come as a surprise since they had been somewhat weary of Thomas Covenant’s behavior as of late. Acid Phreak had been away for 2 weeks (visiting relatives in a foreign country) and was *somewhat* surprised to meet such unopportune guests a day after his arrival. Phiber was equally amused at the “cleaning service” he found so diligently working in his bedroom. Scorpion on the other hand, extremely *enjoyed* the thorough job they had performed at both his dorm and his house and even saved some hardware they had left behind for the next time they visit (which they did).

Days later, they had gone to meet The Wing, which wasn’t able to talk for too long since he was too busy. He had been anticipating this little visit for awhile though. His dad didn’t exactly like the idea of their presence and kicked their lack-of-a-warrant asses out before they got a chance to put to use their years of interrogation techniques classes. Seems they think he showed his teacher a credit report or something…

A few weeks go by, and MOD gets to know Seeker. He sounds cool enough, and he knows his electronics so he is a very valuable addition to the group. Seeker made his way in and so did the million-and-one MOD stickers and funny-colored-little-box-thingies. The stickers, of which, made their way to Ground Zero’s big butt at a 2600 meeting.

Anyways, the MOD Unix went down, and 3 local hackers with much potential caught attention to them. They were: ZOD (a Unix hacker), Outlaw (just a general dude), and Corrupt (Vax king). After days of getting to know them, they were pulled in. Countless weeks went by with what seemed like a dozen MOD bbs’s on 800s, packet switched networks, etc…

The group’s popularity soared in such a short period of time, but many hackers disagreed with the MOD style much in the same way Phiber Optik had enjoyed humiliating those “in the know” publically.

ZOD was the last of the group to be raided (or at least the most recent), but has since made much headway into the telecom world. Outlaw has also been somewhat adept with telco speak. Corrupt, having been very active before, doesn’t have a working computer anymore and so..well, duh.

Two new members were introduced around the time of the writing of this chapter. The first was The Plague. He had a professional attitude and was certainly worth trusting. Of course, with all the media attention drawn to him and MOD in general, he has decided to remain low and not bring any more to himself.

Red Knight was originally on trash runs with Acid Phreak in ’89 but was not brought in until July ’90. It seems RK has learned a lot about telco ways since he first put up The Toll Center. RK also seems to enjoy reminiscing about the trash run days (of which there were quite a few).

As of August 1, 1990, there are 14 members. These include:

Acid Phreak (r)


Scorpion (r)

The Wing (v)


Nynex Phreak (r)

Phiber Optik (r)

Crazy Eddie (r)


ZOD (r)



The Plague

Red Knight

(v) signifies person was visited but nothing taken

(r) means either raided or retired, it’s a pickem..

– – -> MOD is now *CLOSED* to membership. <- - - This is the official (and most likely to be the final) list of dewds. Of course, members may use a GROUP account or another handle, but the fact remains that these are the ONLY members in the group. Unlike LOD, we know who is in and who isn’t.. ——————————————-
We should also note Julian Dibbell (Dr. Bombay) for his work on “Rebel Hackers” in The Village Voice on July 24, 1990. He portrayed the scene the way it really is and of course gave us the amount of coverage we deserve. And of course, we came out the way we really are and not as criminals out to destroy the world. Dr. Bombay was invited to the MOD Unix right before the raid. ‘lo and behold.. a front-page cover story!

“We rule”.

MOD/Forever We Hack


(end Book.Three)

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