Astaro Security Linux version 2.0. with expanded functionality

Aug 28th, 19:45 UTC

The new version 2.0. significantly enhances the easy-to-manage software with added functionality such as VPN for IPSec and PPTP for secure road warrior communications and SCSI-Support for high availability security solutions.

Astaro Security Linux is a complete, powerful security solution for the efficient and secure protection of networks against hackers, virus attacks and other dangers originating from the use of the Internet. Astaro’s flagship software which has demonstrated it’s value many times over by protecting customers valuable data and network resources, in many different projects, contains the following key features:

* A Packet-Filter-Firewall with Dynamic Stateful Packet Inspection, Portscan Detection, NAT, Masquerading and Anti Spoofing

* An Application Level Gateway with Proxies for HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, DNS und SOCKS 4.0/5.0, Content Filtering, Spam-Blocker and Virus Protection

* VPN-Functionality with IPSec (IKE) or PPTP

* Automated Up2Date Service, Remote Management, Reporting and Traffic Accounting.

The new version 2.0 significantly enhances the easy-to-manage software with additional functionality. Astaro Security Linux enables an easy and low cost connection for mobile road warriors to Virtual Private Networks. IPSec is used for high security demands, or alternatively, PPTP for seamless and low cost access.

The following additional enhancements are included in Astaro Security Linux version 2.0:

* The ability to send Backup-Files via e-mail to enable cold standby solutions.

* Support of SCSI-Controllers for high availability Firewalling requirements

* Processing of alarm reports via SNMP or Syslog to management systems such as Tivoli, CA Unicenter or HP OpenView, allowing central monitoring and rapid reaction during attacks

* Automatic and frequent updates of Antivirus Pattern Files. This feature already demonstrated it’s value many times over during the recent SirCam scares by preventing Astaro customers from being infected with these e-mail-viruses.

A complete list of the new functionality included in Astaro Security Linux 2.0 is available on our User Bulletin Board

Scaleable solution starting at $ 390

Astaro Security Linux is based on a hardened Linux kernel and on well-known Open Source components tested thoroughly by many experts. The software is very scaleable and can be installed on Intel-compatible PCs starting with 300 MHz CPU performance. The price of an Astaro Security Linux license for 10 secured IP addresses including the operating system, Firewall, Content Filtering, VPN und Up2Date Service for one year is $390. The price for an unlimited license for complex WAN configurations is $4,995. Virus protection is optional starting at $295.

Further Information about Astaro and Astaro Security Linux can be found at .

Background information:

Astaro AG is specialized on Internet security solutions. Today, more than 20 people are working for Astaro in Karlsruhe, Pinneberg and Boston (USA). An experienced team of security consultants and Linux-experts made Astaro Security Linux one of the most secure and at the same time most popular Linux-Firewalls on the market.

Through their commitment to GNU/Linux, Astaro is developing their product on a platform with a strong future, setting clear technical and economic standards. The Astaro team is actively participating in many different Open Source projects. Astaro Security Linux is distributed via a worldwide network of partners.

Astaro AG * Jahnstr. 1 * 76133 Karlsruhe * Tel. +49 721 / 490 069 0 * E-Mail:

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