AVStripper Creates a Perimeter of Defense for the Entire Network with No System Integration

Pleasanton, CA — December 5, 2001 — Ositis Software, Inc., a leading developer of connectivity and Internet access technologies, today announced the shipment of AVStripper. The first ever anti-virus bridge to scan all major protocols, AVStripper is a stand-alone hardware product that stops viruses before they penetrate the corporate network. AVStripper protects companies from security breaches, downtime and data destruction. AVStripper also ensures the company does not spread viruses to another organization, thereby protecting a company’s integrity and reputation.

AVStripper protects enterprises, Internet Service Providers (ISP’s), small to medium-sized businesses, government agencies, college campuses and educational institutions. This product features simple installation and offers administrator alerts, which provide instant feedback on viruses that are removed. This complete anti-virus solution is self-updating and will insure that current anti-virus files and pattern updates are implemented without requiring any intervention from the network administrator. AVStripper removes all virulent viruses including Nimda, Gone and Sircam.

“Without AVStripper, viruses are allowed to enter and propagate throughout the network until eradicated at either the desktop or server level. As a result, organizations risk the destruction of data and reduced employee productivity. AVStripper stops viruses BEFORE they invade your network,” said Vilis Ositis, president and CEO of Ositis. “It is now possible for an entire enterprise to fall victim to malicious code – sometimes simply because a single user fails to update his or her virus definitions. AVStripper solves this problem.”

According to ICSA, over 89% of viruses are acquired via Internet connections. AVStripper eliminates sole dependence on desktop or server-side systems to catch Net-borne viruses. The installation is a simple matter of connecting AVStripper between the Internet and the network. No integration is required with existing network infrastructure. AVStripper extends protection beyond email and makes it possible to detect infected Web and FTP downloads. The product scans multiple protocols such as HTTP (including Java and ActiveX), FTP, News, Socks and Mail (SMTP/POP3/IMAP4) and transparently strips and destroys viruses in the data stream. Unlike other products, which scan only SMTP or FTP and HTTP, AVStripper provides broader protocol support. Administrators can use the product on the incoming Internet pipe and also isolate mail and file servers to limit network vulnerability.

AVStripper is a stand-alone hardware solution that comes bundled with partner Trend Micro’s (TMIC) anti-virus scanning engine. Pricing for subscriptions is based on the number of users accessing the network through AVStripper. Updates to virus pattern files and the scanning engine are included with each anti-virus subscription. The unit is easily installed and configured, and will automatically request updates to the anti-virus engine from Trend Micro’s servers, ensuring continuous and consistent network protection from viruses.

Price and Availability

AVStripper, (http://www.ositis.com/avstripper) now shipping in the US, can be purchased through VARs (http://www.ositis.com/resellers) and directly from Ositis USA at +1-925-225-8900.


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