Baltimore MIMEsweeper New Web Content Security Solution Helps Stop Loss of Information and Lost Productivity


URL Blocking and Windows 2000 support help companies prevent inappropriate information leaving or entering an organization through HTTP traffic and Web-based email

Baltimore Technologies (London:BLM), a global leader in e-security, announced that the latest version of its Web content security solution, WEBsweeper 4.1, offers optional restriction of more than 689 million web pages (URLs) in 40 categories with provision for 14 languages. WEBsweeper 4.1 also offers support for Microsoft Windows(R) 2000 as well as performance gains of up to 50 percent when using Windows 2000 multiprocessor support.

As a core product in the MIMEsweeper(TM) content security family, WEBsweeper prevents inappropriate information leaving and entering an organization by monitoring HTTP based traffic including Web-based email such as Hotmail or Yahoo! Mail. With a security toolkit of firewalls, anti-virus software and URL blocking alone, companies remain vulnerable to many threats. WEBsweeper works in tandem with firewall and antivirus solutions to provide a comprehensive security solution that guards against breaches in confidentiality and other threats such as damage to reputation, lost productivity, pornography, theft of data, legal liability, degradation in service and data corruption.

WEBsweeper allows organizations to set and enforce a Web usage policy that defines what is and is not acceptable content in Web pages, Web downloads and uploads, including Web-based email. These policies can be defined down to an individual department or user level if required.

Thomas Raschke, Internet Security program manager at International Data Corporation, said, “Loss of productivity and sensitive data through Web-based email, private cyber surfing, or large files clogging up bandwidth is just not acceptable for corporate decision makers at times of economic slowdown. Only constantly updated URL filtering bundled with state-of-the-art content inspection tools provides effective security control at the fringes of corporate networks. Therefore, efficient Secure Content Management has to be imperative for organizations to guard against legal liability and of loss of confidentiality and productivity brought about by Web-based threats.

IDC believes this market will grow by an estimated 40 percent between 2000 and 2005.”

The new “URL Filter Category” database add-on feature to WEBsweeper enables organizations to bar access to selected categories through a regularly updated URL Filter Category database. Organizations receive the updates automatically via the Internet, relieving their network managers from the burden of constant manual updates.

The database is continuously updated by a team of 40 researchers, automated tools and customer submissions. Up to 15,000 updates are added every week into the 40 clearly defined categories, which include “Adult/Sexually Explicit,” “Finance and Investment,” and “Gambling.” The URL Filter Category restricts access to all sites contained in the categories selected, and category subsets can be applied to different departments within the organization. For Web pages that have not been specifically blocked by a selected URL category, WEBsweeper analyzes and restricts the Web page according to the organization’s security policy.

Craig Monument, technical manager of Symphony Group, plc said, “WEBsweeper protects our organization from countless Web-based threats. The new URL Filter Category is a real added value for the business as it provides a quick and easy to manage method of restricting employee access to inappropriate or non work-related websites, at the click of a button. Furthermore, WEBsweeper gives us the confidence that as well as restricting Web access we are also guarded against loss of confidential information via the Web.”

“There are many Web-based threats, which are just as dangerous as email threats, for which an organization needs to take control through Web usage policies. But simple URL blocking alone is not enough to enforce these policies. That is why WEBsweeper features not only powerful URL filtering facilities, but also real-time, detailed analysis of Web page contents and virus scanning using the organization’s chosen antivirus solution,” said Mark Maciw, WEBsweeper global product manager at Baltimore Technologies.


Baltimore WEBsweeper 4.1 will be available through certified MIMEsweeper partners on November 19, 2001. For further information contact a local MIMEsweeper sales office at (888) 888-6883. For a free 30-day trial of WEBsweeper 4.1, log on to:

About MIMEsweeper

MIMEsweeper is the world’s leading family of Web, email and Intranet content security solutions. More than 10,000 customers and 10 million users globally, use the award winning MIMEsweeper solutions to protect their networks and business from email and Web-based threats. These threats include the circulation of inappropriate images and text, Spam and oversize files that can cause degradation in network service, loss and corruption of data, breaches of confidentiality, as well as viruses and malicious code.

About Baltimore Technologies

Baltimore Technologies’ products, services and solutions solve the fundamental security and trust needs of e-business. Baltimore’s e-security technology gives companies the necessary tools to verify the identity of who they are doing business with and securely manage which resources and information users can access on open networks. Many of the world’s leading organizations use Baltimore’s e-security technology to conduct business more efficiently and cost effectively over the Internet and wireless networks. Baltimore also offers worldwide support for its authorization management and public key-based authentication systems.

Baltimore’s products and services are sold directly and through its worldwide partner network, Baltimore TrustedWorld. Baltimore Technologies is a public company, principally trading on London (BLM). For more information on Baltimore Technologies please visit

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The MIMEsweeper URL Filter Categories are: Adult/Sexually Explicit, Advertisements, Arts & Entertainment, Chat, Computing &Internet, Criminal Skills, Drugs-Alcohol-Tobacco, Education, Finance & Investment, Food & Drink, Gambling, Games, Glamour & Intimate Apparel, Government & Politics, Hacking, Hate Speech, Health & Medicine, Hobbies & Recreation, Hosting Sites, Job Search & Career Development, Kid’s Sites, Lifestyle & Culture, Motor Vehicles, News, Personals & Dating, Photo Searches, Real Estate, Reference, Religion, Remote Proxies, Sex Education, Search Engines, Shopping, Sports, Streaming Media, Travel, Usenet News, Violence, Weapons, Web-based Email

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