CipherTrust Launches The Industry’s First E-Mail Specific, Security Appliance — IronMail

IronMail Provides Comprehensive Security for E-Mail Servers and Messages

ATLANTA, Aug. 27 /PRNewswire/ — Addressing the increasing need for next generation application security, CipherTrust, a leader in e-mail security, today announced the availability of IronMail. IronMail is an application- specific security appliance for e-mail, which integrates hardware and pre- configured software. It sits between network firewalls such as Check Point(TM) Firewall-1(R)and Cisco PIX(R) and corporate e-mail servers such as Microsoft(R) Exchange and Lotus(R) Notes. IronMail is a category-defining product, providing comprehensive security for e-mail servers and e-mail messages.

While e-mail is revolutionizing communication among companies, employees, partners and customers, it is also exposing corporations to greater risks. Firewalls provide solid perimeter protection, but, by design, allow e-mail to travel in and out of the enterprise without scrutiny. Hackers can exploit this vulnerability in order to attack e-mail servers or to use these servers as a launch pad to compromise other business servers. Additionally, most e- mail messages are sent in plain text and similar to a postcard can be snooped, copied, and/or altered without detection, putting confidential and sensitive corporate information at risk.

IronMail is designed to solve these security vulnerabilities by augmenting existing firewall technologies and providing a layer of security specific to e-mail servers and e-mail messages.

Business benefits of IronMail include:

* Protect confidential corporate information from hacker attacks * Improve uptime and employee productivity by preventing spamming, relaying and denial-of-service attacks

* Provide privacy to e-mail messages in-transit over the Internet

* Reduce corporate liability by enforcing e-mail policies

“CipherTrust’s IronMail product is uniquely designed to directly address the rapidly growing problem of e-mail security,” said Pete Lindstrom, senior analyst with Hurwitz Group Security Strategies Group. “By combining protection for e-mail servers and e-mail messages, and offering e-mail policy enforcement, IronMail secures private and sensitive information, reducing liability and increasing uptime.”

“CipherTrust is already seeing high market demand for IronMail,” said Jay Chaudhry, chief executive officer of CipherTrust. “Most customers have taken the first step by deploying firewalls to establish broad perimeter protection. The next step is to deploy security specific to the largest Internet application — e-mail. By adding a unique layer of security specifically for the e-mail server, IronMail can dramatically decrease security breaches and the costs associated with intrusion and downtime.”

IronMail provides the following key functions:

* Hacker ProtectionIronMail eliminates vulnerabilities at all layers attacked by intruders — the operating system, the network, and the application layers.

* Misuse PreventionIronMail prevents exposure to server misuse such as spamming, mail-relay abuse, and session hijacking.

* Privacy for In-Transit MessagesIronMail encrypts e-mail messages before they are transmitted over the Internet eliminating snooping, copying and altering.

* E-mail Policy EnforcementIronMail is designed to allow corporations to monitor and enforce their corporate e-mail policies minimizing liability and more effectively utilizing resources.

* Virus & Content FilteringIronMail includes optional server-based, anti- virus software from Sophos, a leading anti-virus provider. IronMail also works in conjunction with leading anti-virus and content filtering solutions (Trend Micro, MIMEsweeper, etc.) already in use.

IronMail is easily deployed and administered, and offers outstanding reliability, high availability, and robust scalability. IronMail is based on Internet mail standards and supports all mail protocols, including SMTP, POP and IMAP. It interoperates with all leading e-mail servers including Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, GroupWise and SMTP mail servers, and all leading e-mail clients, including Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, and Netscape Messenger.

Price and Availability

IronMail is currently available in multiple models to suit the needs of medium and large enterprises. Pricing for IronMail starts at $12,500.

About CipherTrust

As the provider of the industry’s first e-mail security appliance, CipherTrust, Inc. is dedicated to the design and delivery of e-mail security products offering the reliability and scalability demanded by medium and large enterprises. CipherTrust’s flagship product, IronMail, is a security appliance for e-mail that provides protection from hacker attacks and misuse, secure e- mail communications, policy infringement detection, and third-party virus and content filtering. IronMail is a category-defining product providing comprehensive security for existing e-mail servers. For more information on CipherTrust visit or call 678.969.9399. CipherTrust is a registered trademark of CipherTrust, Inc. IronMail is a registered trademark of CipherTrust, Inc. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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