Entercept’s Intrusion Prevention Solution Now Includes iPlanet Web Server Protection

Entercept Offers Protection for Over 90% of Web Servers on the Market

SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 1 /PRNewswire/ — Entercept(TM) Security Technologies, developer of security technology necessary for system, application and data protection, today announced an expansion to their award-winning server protection, offering Web server shielding and HTTP protection for the iPlanet(TM) Web Server (formerly known as Netscape Enterprise Server). The advanced solution will provide iPlanet users with unique protection against intrusions, Web site defacement, data theft and misuse. In addition, Entercept has enhanced its Solaris/UNIX(TM) offering by adding protection for Solaris 8 and 64-bit versions of Solaris. With the addition of iPlanet, Entercept now protects the top 3 Web server platforms on the market today.

“Enterprises can now ensure the integrity of their iPlanet servers with the same proven, intrusion prevention solution they’ve relied upon for their Apache and IIS systems,” said Lou Ryan, president and CEO, Entercept Security Technologies. “Our unique and patented technology to protect the server is designed to meet the demands of diverse, Fortune 1000 enterprises that require best-of-breed protection for their multi-platform environments.” “We are pleased with the intrusion prevention technology that Entercept offers on Sun platforms. This technology complements existing security on Solaris servers and enhances the protection for application and data from intrusion, helping them further reduce security administration and the associated maintenance costs,” said Ravi Iyer, product line manager, Solaris Product Marketing, Sun Microsystems. “Entercept’s multi-layered intrusion prevention protects Solaris and iPlanet servers from malicious worms and intrusions.”

The enhanced Web server protection builds upon the OS level protection offered in the Entercept Standard Edition by providing exclusive “shielding” functionality and HTTP protection technology that further safeguards the Web server from intrusion. Shielding is designed to proactively protect the Web server and its resources, including data. The shield provides a protective envelope that prevents unauthorized or malicious use of the Web server. In addition, Entercept’s HTTP protection secures against attacks directed against Web applications via the HTTP protocol. Since so many Internet attacks occur via HTTP, stopping attacks before the web server processes them is critical. Combining HTTP Protection and Web Server Shielding with Entercept’s market-leading OS Protection creates a multi-layered combination that provides real time, proven prevention of both known and unknown attacks. Recent malicious worm activities seen from Nimda, Code Red, and Code Blue have continued to exploit vulnerabilities at the server level, making it critical for enterprises to implement proactive, host-based security solutions. Unlike other solutions, Entercept’s multi-layered protection provides preventive protection against all of the above exploits by identifying attacks and instantly taking action before damage can occur.

“The recent activity around Nimda, Code Red, and Code Blue have provided solid proof points for us about Entercept’s ability to proactively protect our servers,” said Jay Ward, senior security analyst for First Citizens Bank. “Protecting our servers with Entercept gives us added reassurance that we are protected from both known and unknown attacks.”

Entercept’s enhanced product offering also allows IT departments to streamline their enterprise server security solutions. This is especially important as they continue to experience reduced personnel resources and tightening budgets. Entercept’s enhanced capabilities will provide customers with simplified protection to manage all of their Apache, IIS and iPlanet Web servers with consistent, unsurpassed protection.

“Recent security attacks such as Nimda, Code Red and Code Blue accentuates the need for enterprise security to go beyond reactive solutions,” said Chris Christiansen, IDC Vice President of Internet Infrastructure & Security Software. “Entercept can supply an important component of a company’s overall security by providing IT professionals with proactive security solution that protects increasingly complex server environments.”

About Entercept Security Technologies

Entercept Security Technologies develops server security products that stop attacks against servers before any unauthorized activity occurs. Entercept recently announced an OEM relationship with Cisco Systems and continues to receive market and industry awards/recognition, including Network Magazine’s 2001 Product of the year, Fortune Small Business magazine’s ’65 Big Ideas List,’ SC Magazine’s ‘Best Pick of the Year 2000,’ InfoWorld magazine’s ‘Business Impact of the Year Award,’ and InfoWorld magazine’s Readers choice ‘Security Product of the Year.’ Entercept Security Technologies

(http://www.entercept.com) is headquartered in San Jose, Calif., and can be reached by calling 408-576-5900, or toll-free at 1-800-599-3200. Entercept’s European offices can be reached by calling 44-208-387-5500

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