GuardedNet announces Neusecure

Enterprise Security Now Requires A Multi-Vendor, Multi-Device, Real-time Threat Management & Response System

ATLANTA, GA. – August 10, 2001 – GuardedNet, developer of the most advanced threat management and information security operations software, announces its flagship product, NeuSecureâ„?, first to deliver mission-critical, security threat identification and response, proactive protection, and top-level management of security operations. NeuSecure solves the issue of “Log data overload” by consolidating log data from your current security products, correlating the data, and then providing the “real” threat information needed to make critical decisions. NeuSecure software has been used to protect some of the largest insurance and financial networks.

Exponential growth of log data from firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), routers and servers is a new, critical bottleneck for information security professionals. “Log data overload” makes it impossible to identify or quickly react to attacks without new capabilities from a new class of software. Alerts from security devices are often false positives, wasting critical analysis and reaction time. Existing security product vendors require a separate monitoring console. These consoles do not integrate or correlate security information across the many vendors deployed in a real-world network. NeuSecure integrates the log data from most security vendor’s products and solves the issue of determining, in near real-time, the security attacks that have a high probability of success. NeuSecure incorporates a patent-pending process for threat analysis and arms the security analyst with the knowledge of which threats are the highest priority and should be responded to first.

“The NeuSecure threat management software identifies the threat level of an attack and provides a complete security workbench for attack tracking and forensics”, says Robert Hughes, president and CEO of GuardedNet. “The quick identification of a real threat and its source is critical to a rapid proactive defense. NeuSecure was designed specifically for security operations, incorporating timesaving techniques that greatly improve security analyst productivity and efficiency.”

About GuardedNetâ„?

GuardedNet is solving the latest and most difficult Internet security issues for large, global organizations with software for Security Operations Centers (SOC’s). GuardedNet arms security analysts with the most comprehensive tools to identify security threats in real time and proactively respond to them. Founded by certified security experts (CISSP’s), GuardedNet designed its web-based flagship product with advanced correlation and patent-pending threat analysis capabilities, that address the pressing needs of a security operation and empower the security analyst to react faster, with better information. GuardedNet’s software fully automates the rapid identification and response to threat, as observed by the many firewalls, intrusion detection systems, routers and servers. For additional information, visit the company’s web site at or call 404-442-9909.

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