ICSA Labs Expert Hosts Webinar to Discuss Findings of Its 7thAnnual Computer Virus Prevalence Survey

ICSA(R) Labs, an independent division of TruSecure(R) Corporation, has released the results of its Annual ICSA Labs’ Virus Prevalence Survey. The survey shows conclusively that despite increased spending, the rate of malicious code infection continues to rise. To meet this challenge, it is imperative that you know what threats your company’s information security systems face, where the most vulnerabilities occur, and how to protect your organization.

Join Larry Bridwell, content security programs manager of ICSA Labs, on Thursday, March 7th, for a free webinar, “ICSA Labs’ 2001 Virus Prevalence Survey: Looking Back, Planning Ahead.” This webinar gives you the opportunity to interact with one of the country’s foremost information security experts on viruses, ask questions and hear his analysis of the latest virus trends, including:

– What infection rates can corporations expect in 2002?

– Which virus types pose the most urgent threats?

– Why are current protection strategies failing?

– How can you deploy powerful and inexpensive synergistic controls to your advantage?

Who: Larry Bridwell, content security programs manager, ICSA Labs

What: TruSecure Webinar Topic: “ICSA Labs’ 2001 Virus Prevalence Survey: Looking Back, Planning Ahead”

When: March 7th at 9:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m., 2:00 p.m. EST


How: Register at http://www.trusecure.com/offer/e0013/

Presented by ICSA Labs, the 7th Annual 2001 Virus Prevalence Survey analyzes data gathered from 300 companies and government agencies to understand trends in malicious code in computer networks, including desktop computers, and determines how successfully companies are addressing the problems.

About the Expert

Larry Bridwell is content security programs manager at ICSA Labs, an independent division of TruSecure Corporation. Bridwell is responsible for developing certification programs for products that provide security from malicious code attacks and desktop intrusion products. He also serves as manager for ICSA Labs’ Anti-Virus Product Developer’s consortium as well as managing special projects such as ICSA Labs’ highly-regarded annual Virus Prevalence Survey.

In his duties in the ICSA Labs’ anti-virus certification program, Bridwell works with every major developer of anti-virus software on the market today, speaks at conferences and seminars internationally, and serves on national and international anti-virus and malicious software working groups. Before coming to ICSA Labs, Bridwell earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in educational philosophy. He has more than 17 years of project management and managerial experience.

About TruSecure Corporation

TruSecure provides global 10,000 companies with comprehensive enterprise risk-management programs that assure the ongoing security of their critical systems and information. By integrating disparate security products and processes into a comprehensive risk management program, TruSecure helps hundreds of companies achieve greater risk reduction at lower cost. TruSecure’s ICSA Labs is the security industry’s central authority for product standards and testing, and today certifies more than 95% of the market’s anti-virus software, network firewalls, cryptography and IPSec products. TruSecure’s monthly magazine, Information Security(R), is the industry’s leading trade publication. Based in Herndon, VA, TruSecure Corporation is privately held with investors including J. & W. Seligman & Co., J.P. Morgan Partners, Weston Presidio Capital, Greylock and WaldenVC.

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