InfoExpress Launches CyberGatekeeper – A Remote System Policy Enforcer for Corporate Networks

Pioneer in enterprise personal firewalls ships long awaited software suite to create, enforce and control corporate network security policies

Infosecurity Conference, New York City – December 5, 2001 – At today’s Infosecurity conference in New York City, enterprise security pioneer InfoExpress, Inc. announced that a key component in its mission to provide powerful, centralized security for corporate networks, its long-anticipated remote system policy enforcer CyberGatekeeper Suite is now ready for shipment.

CyberGatekeeper gives systems administrators a single platform to define and enforce security configurations for remote computers accessing their corporate networks. The software proactively enforces corporate security by auditing remote systems to ensure that they are safe before they can access the corporate network. If a system is not safe, CyberGatekeeper automatically shuts down access to the corporate network.

CyberGatekeeper is a vendor-neutral remote system policy enforcer designed to work with third-party software, including Virtual Private Network (VPN) clients, personal firewalls, and anti-virus programs, providing administrators with flexibility in their choice of applications. It also allows administrators to enforce custom configurations and applications on remote systems.

“Letting users decide whether to comply with corporate security policy isn’t good practice. Unfortunately, that is the current state of remote security, which allows end-users too much control over what they can do with security software such as personal firewalls, anti-virus programs, and VPN clients,” said Stacey Lum, chief executive officer of InfoExpress. “Being able to audit remote systems before letting them access the corporate network greatly improves the security of the enterprise. CyberGatekeeper places control back in the hands of administrators, providing a level of assurance previously missing from corporate security solutions.”

Todd Nakano, InfoExpress’ vice president of sales and marketing, said, “Customers have been asking us for this kind of “enforcer’ product for a long time. They’ve told us that if they’re going to build a remote user firewall, they want a solution that can ensure that a remote user is running a safe configuration for the VPN.” He added, “They also want a solution that can be integrated with their existing third-party security software. This lets customers select best of breed security components without being locked into a single vendor.”

CyberGatekeeper Suite consists of components installed on the corporate network and on remote systems. The suite includes CyberGatekeeper Agent which monitors the remote system and reports back to the CyberGatekeeper Server, which then decides whether to allow or deny access. CyberGatekeeper Policy Manager lets administrators define what applications and configurations are required or prohibited on user systems. The policy manager also allows administrators to create custom security profiles for different user groups, enabling centralized, granular control over how users access the corporate network.

CyberGatekeeper Agent pricing starts at $59/seat and $4995 for the CyberGatekeeper Server.

About InfoExpress

InfoExpress is a leader in secure remote access and personal firewall solutions. InfoExpress develops and markets the enterprise personal firewall CyberArmor(TM) Suite, the remote system policy enforcer CyberGatekeeper Suite, and the remote access VPN VTCP/Secure. Recent news releases and other information are on InfoExpress’ homepage at InfoExpress is headquartered at 170 S. Whisman Road, Suite B, Mountain View, CA 94041. Phone: +1 650-623-0260; Fax: +1 650-623-0268; Email:

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