Internet Security Expert Calls for Cooperation Between Governments, Businesses, Citizens to Protect Critical Infrastructure, Commerce, Government

WASHINGTON D.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sept. 21, 2001–Unprecedented cooperation is needed among government, business and American citizens to protect the nation’s critical infrastructure against cyber attack, one of the nation’s leading experts on Internet security told members of Congress and their staffs today.

At a briefing on Capitol Hill, Bill Conner, president and chief executive officer of Dallas-based Entrust, Inc. (NASDAQ: ENTU), said businesses, government and the public must fully cooperate to deploy enhanced Internet security measures to protect the nation’s communications infrastructure, commerce, government, utilities and other essential services.

“We must protect our internal and external networks to safeguard our national security, e-commerce and e-government activities,” Conner said. “We can do this through various technologies that ensure online identities, verification, entitlements, privacy and security management.

“Protecting our networks will enhance our security and privacy, and help to preserve our freedom to do business, deliver governmental services and maintain our mobility as individuals,” he added.

Conner joined Daniel Chenok, head of the U.S. Office of Management and Budget’s Information Technology and Policy Division, and U.S. Senator Bob Bennett (R-Utah) for the briefing, which was hosted by the Business Software Alliance (BSA), for members of Congress and their staffs.

During the briefing, Conner said the Internet security industry should work with the government, business and citizens to maintain and protect “the crucial balance of privacy and security, cornerstones of freedom, which we cannot sacrifice.”

Conner also called for Congress to drive interoperability between government agencies through the United States Federal Bridge Certification Authority. The FBCA was established to serve as a link between U.S. agencies, and between Canada and the U.S. for interoperable, secure e-government transactions using digital identities.

According to Chenok, the OMB’s Information Technology (IT) policy covers e-government, corporate security, privacy, IT funding and information dissemination. “Our focus is on benefiting citizens by using today’s information technology to reduce the cost of government while increasing its efficiency. E-government must also reduce the burden of government on American business,” Chenok said.

In his comments Senator Bennett said, “The U.S. is the leader to which the rest of the world is looking to provide security in this very different world … this war can’t be fought only with traditional weapons … it also will be fought with the Internet.”

Bennett went on to say that “we have a war going on, it’s not of our choosing, and the stakes for freedom are high.”

During the briefing, Conner stressed the nation’s critical infrastructure — serving commerce, government, utilities, the public and our national security — must be protected through stronger privacy and security.

“The reliability of the high performance Internet, which has performed magnificently, must be matched with enhanced security to prevent hackers, cyber terrorists, and others who might want to attack financial institutions, healthcare facilities, government operations or public utilities, including transportation networks and other essential services,” he said.

Conner also said the government needs to prioritize and appropriate funding for federal Internet security programs, leveraging private sector efforts to accelerate Internet security training and capabilities.

“As businesses and governments continue to move more information and mission-critical transactions online over the high performance Internet for the ease and convenience of business, government and our citizens, it is essential to certify that communications are secure and responsive,” Conner said. “Enhanced Internet security balances strong security with protection of citizen’s privacy, while protecting our critical infrastructure.”

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