Kyberpass Launches Secure E-mail TrustPlatform for Microsoft Outlook

Enterprise secure e-mail solution is first to offer real-time digital identity validation and Identrus* compliancy

RSA Conference 2002, San Jose, CA – February 18, 2002 – Kyberpass® Corporation, a leading provider of e-security software for trusted e-business, today announced the launch of the Kyberpass Secure E-mail TrustPlatform which offers advanced security and user enhancements to overcome the inherent complexity of managing PKI-based e-mail systems. Integrated with Microsoft Outlook, the Kyberpass Secure E-mail TrustPlatform enables large enterprises and Identrus member financial institutions to conduct high value, non-refutable communications by ensuring that messages can be digitally signed, encrypted and validated in real-time. By providing real-time validation, the product reduces the significant legal and financial ramifications which can result from e-mail-related security breaches such as eavesdropping, forged mail and identity theft.

“The Kyberpass Secure E-mail TrustPlatform leverages the investment that thousands of organizations across the globe have made in Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Outlook, ” said Thomas Nolan, president and CEO of Kyberpass. “As enterprises increase their reliance on e-mail for trusted e-business and place more demands on its capabilities, the Kyberpass Secure E-mail TrustPlatform will take the burden of implementing, administering and managing complex security policies and certificates away from both end-users and network administrators.”

“Microsoft is pleased to have Kyberpass provide this functionality for customers that require such a high level of integration and real-time authentication,” said Jackson Shaw, lead product manager for Windows.NET Product Management Group at Microsoft Corp. “Kyberpass’ extensive support for the Microsoft Certificate Server and CryptoAPI will clearly benefit customers.”

The Kyberpass Secure E-mail TrustPlatform combines the K2 E-mail Agent Plug-in(tm) for Outlook 2002, Outlook 2000 and Outlook 98 with the Kyberpass Validation TrustPlatform(tm), which includes a Windows 2000-based OCSP responder for real-time certificate and digital signature validation.

The product includes:

* Identrus Ready e-mail plug-in and validation server that offers out-of-the-box compliancy to Identrus specifications

* Real-time validation of digital IDs to ensure all transactions are checked for validity and integrity

* Automatic mapping of digital IDs to simplify and automate complex manual tasks

* Multiple directory support that offers flexible look-up of Digital IDs without manual intervention

* Support for silent install for efficient enterprise rollouts that minimizes administrative overhead and client-side involvement

* Password change utility for easily updating digital ID passwords


* Support for any PKCS#11 token offering optional two-factor authentication

* Transparent management of security tasks and policies allowing easy configuration with minimal user involvement Standard S/MIME messaging to ensure interoperability for secure messaging within and between enterprises regardless of PKI type or certificate authority

* Highly scalable validation that can handle thousands of transactions and validations per minute Support for Microsoft Active Directory and CAPI for seamless security integration between applications and Kyberpass servicesThe Kyberpass Secure E-mail TrustPlatform will be demonstrated at RSA Conference 2002 in San Jose, February 19-21 at booth #1318.

Pricing and Availability

The Kyberpass Secure E-mail TrustPlatform will be available in March 2002 with prices starting at US$30 per client for deployments of 1,000 or greater.

About Kyberpass Corporation

Kyberpass delivers a new generation of e-security TrustPlatforms for B2B exchanges and e-government. With millions of licensed users around the world, Kyberpass’ award-winning security solutions seamlessly allow any application to take advantage of the full power of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), while automatically implementing customers’ unique security policies and dramatically simplifying administration. Kyberpass enables the implementation of a total security solution in a matter of days, rather than months or years. Kyberpass supports all major PKIs and provides the most flexible e-security infrastructure available on the market today. For more information, visit < >.

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