Lockstep Releases New Version Of Webagain

PHOENIX – 19 February 2002 — Lockstep Systems, Inc. today announced the release of WebAgain 2.5, an updated version of Lockstep’s award winning, patent-pending software that automatically repairs hacked web sites.

WebAgain protects web site content against the geometrically rising threat of web site hacking by automatically detecting unauthorized changes to web site content and automatically restoring the original content without human intervention.

Automatic Repair to hacked web sites fills an urgent, critical need in an increasingly hostile global Internet environment. While always-available web sites are increasingly crucial to business operations, computer system intrusions are more than doubling each year (CERT) and hacking “is costing American businesses billions, easily” (Schneier, Cryptogram).

WebAgain protects against these threats by providing Automatic Repair of web site content. “In all my years in IT Security, I have never come across a piece of security software that is so simple to install and yet so effective in protecting the reputation of an organization,” said Brian Pennington, an international security consultant with EMS-global.

Additions and enhancements to version 2.5 of WebAgain offer customers worldwide increased security, usability, scalability and performance. “By listening to our customers, we have been able to progressively enhance basic WebAgain functionality to include key features that meet their real-world needs for protecting their web sites,” said Karl Forster, president of Lockstep. “This attention to user needs has allowed us to have the WebAgain product successfully deployed around the world in a wide variety of industries, including the military [NATO], finance [Capital Crossing Bank], federal government [US Department of Energy], state and local government [Salt Lake City Corporation], health care [City of Hope Medical Center], pharmaceuticals [Wyeth-Ayerst] and academia [University of Iowa].”

Major enhancements featured in WebAgain 2.5 include the following:

GREATER SECURITY. Detection of unauthorized file addition protects organizations from hackers who add unauthorized data to a web site, including Trojan horses designed to destroy files on web servers. By automatically detecting and removing extra files, it also prevents hackers from illegally hosting and sharing files through a web site. Direct support of technologies such as VPN tunnels and virtual directories gives IT managers greater flexibility in protecting remotely hosted web sites and virtually structuring their web site directories to thwart hacking attempts.

HIGHER PERFORMANCE. The WebAgain product now processes archive and quarantine data much more rapidly. Faster access to FrontPage Servers is also provided. These performance enhancements allow support for much larger web sites and many more virtual domains per web server. Additionally, by automatically importing or “harvesting” existing web site files into its archive, WebAgain setup and deployment is more rapid.

BROADER PROTOCOL SUPPORT. Support for Front Page Server Extensions enables users to update their web site using the same method they use from Front Page, including batch publishing and live editing. When employing live editing, customers can use their Front Page client software to directly edit web site files stored in the WebAgain Archive; during live editing, WebAgain stores a revision history and periodically sends updates to the public web site. Version 2.5 of WebAgain also supports more types of FTP servers directly and easily accommodates unlimited sub webs on Front Page servers, thus extending WebAgain support to virtually all known web servers and operating systems.

ENHANCED OPERATING SYSTEM SUPPORT. The WebAgain software can monitor and protect web sites on any type of web server (e.g. Apache, iPlanet, IIS) and on any operating system (e.g . Unix, Linux, Solaris, NT). The WebAgain server and user interface is now Microsoft XP Logo compliant, extending existing Windows support for 98, NT and 2000.

INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE SUPPORT. By externalizing resources in the WebAgain software, localization to new languages can now easily be completed. Version 2.5 includes full Japanese language support, as introduced to the Japanese market in February 2002 by Yaskawa Information Systems, an authorized Lockstep distributor.

“Automatic Repair is becoming an information security “best practice’ for many enterprises that might already employ Intrusion Prevention measures (e.g. firewalls, encryption, user authentication) and Intrusion Detection systems but recognize that hackers can still get through and corrupt their web sites,” said Mark Dixon, vice president of Business Development at Lockstep. “The latest version of WebAgain provides unprecedented security, performance and platform support for business, government and educational enterprises that need to add Automatic Repair of web site hacks to their information security strategy in a cost effective manner.”

WebAgain Version 2.5 is available immediately from authorized Lockstep resellers and distributors or directly from Lockstep. Single quantity pricing is $995.00 (US) per monitored web site. Quantity discounts are available upon request.

About Lockstep. Lockstep Systems, Inc., a privately held corporation, was founded in 1999 to develop and market e-continuity software utilities designed to ensure the integrity and continuity of electronic data for Internet presence companies. Lockstep and WebAgain are trademarks of Lockstep Systems, Inc.

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