PKI Not Included In Current Ftse500 Security Policies, Reveals Detica

Research from the UK’s largest on-line security consultancy* Detica, shows that only three per cent of FTSE 500 firms are currently deploying public key infrastructure (PKI) products. PKI is the technology and process behind securing on-line transactions with the use of digital signatures and certificates.

“With security breaches two-a-penny, it’s depressing to find that businesses are still being so lax – this type of finding is very damaging to corporate credibility and customer confidence,” said Martin Sutherland, head of security consulting at Detica. “It’s inconceivable to imagine that a business would allow an unauthorised person to rummage through its filing cabinets, so why aren’t the same rules applied to on-line data?”

More encouraging is that IT Managers do expect to deploy PKI products in the future, with 71 per cent of respondents indicating that they would consider investing in such technologies at a later date. However, Detica believes that demand may come too late for the already ailing PKI market.

“As with so many emerging technologies, companies are finding it hard to decide which ones are worth deploying – until they can be sure that a product is worth the investment, they’re simply not going to part with their money,” continued Sutherland.

About Detica:

UK-based Detica helps its clients harness technology to identify, attract and retain customers. Detica is expert in applying Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and related technologies to gain insight into customer preferences, open up new customer contact channels and manage the interactions across all channels. Its customers include BA, Lloyds TSB and ntl.

* Management Consultancy magazine

** Of the 500 companies surveyed, Detica received responses from IT Managers at 138 companies.

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