Powerpuff Girls DVD Struck Down By Funlove

Sophos has learnt that a DVD from Warner Bros featuring new cartoon stars, the Powerpuff Girls, is infected by the FunLove virus. If the disc – called ‘Meet the Beat Alls” (a pun on the album title, ‘Meet The Beatles’) – is installed onto a PC the virus attempts to infect files held on the local hard drive as well as network directories.

“FunLove is like a bad penny – two years after it first turned up it’s still refusing to go away” said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos Anti-Virus. “This infection puts the Powerpuff Girls in good company – other FunLove victims have included companies such as Microsoft and Dell. There’s no excuse for this infection, FunLove is easy to detect and patch against”.

Warner Bros has recalled all versions of the DVD. Although the Powerpuff Girls are already stars of Channel 5’s Saturday morning TV, this DVD has not yet been distributed in the UK. Sophos is advising anyone who has bought the DVD from outside the UK to either return it or destroy it.

Once a network is infected, FunLove can automatically spread between all connected PCs, it also allows all users unrestricted file access. Further details of the FunLove virus can be found at http://www.sophos.com/virusinfo/analyses/w32flcss.html

Graham Cluley is available for further comment on

01235 544114 or on mobile phone at 07990 552181

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