Privacy Conference: Zero-Knowledge Systems to Present Second Annual Privacy by Design – Building Privacy for Better Business


Sponsored by IBM, Deloitte and Touche, Hewlett-Packard,

DoubleClick, Collier Shannon Scott and Bell Canada

Zero-Knowledge(R) Systems, a leading provider of security and privacy software and services, presents the second annual “Privacy by Design” conference, sponsored by IBM, Deloitte and Touche, Hewlett-Packard, DoubleClick, Collier Shannon Scott and Bell Canada. The conference brings together business, technology, and policy leaders from around the world to share perspectives, experiences and strategies to turn privacy into competitive advantage.

Conference sessions will examine the risks and challenges presented by privacy, and highlight the technology-based solutions that enable businesses to succeed and thrive in today’s privacy-conscious marketplace. The conference will be held at The Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal, Quebec from December 3 to 5, 2001.

“As more critical business applications go online and more global data protection regulations emerge, it is imperative that businesses have the tools and expertise to manage information privacy. Privacy by Design is the only conference offering business leaders practical, technology-based solutions and strategies for addressing privacy today,” said Austin Hill, Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer of Zero-Knowledge Systems. “Privacy by Design is the ideal conference to benchmark your companies’ privacy practices and learn about the technology tools available for building privacy into your enterprise.”

John Patrick, Vice President of Internet Technology at IBM and author of the new book Net Attitude, will deliver the keynote address. Rick White, CEO of Technet and Congressional Internet Caucus founder will be a featured speaker.

“As our society evolves toward a universally-connected world built upon the Next Generation Internet, privacy is an essential issue that must be addressed in order to assure the success of future products, services and technologies,” said Patrick. “Privacy by Design offers business, technology and policy leaders an intimate and practical forum to examine the privacy technologies and practices that will help business succeed today and in the future.”

Featured speakers include:

– Steve Adler, Principal, IBM Privacy Center of Competence

– Joe Alhadeff, CPO and VP Global Public Policy, Oracle

– Jennifer Barrett, CPO, Axciom Corporation

– Heather Black, Chief Legal Counsel, Office of Federal Privacy


– Alfred Buellesbach, Chief Corporate Data Protection Officer,


– Claudia Caplan, VP Brand Marketing, Earthlink

– Dr. Susan Landau, Sr. Staff Engineer, Sun Microsystems


– Barbara Lawler, CPO, Hewlett Packard

– Mark MacCarthy, Sr. VP of Public Policy, Visa USA

– Harriet Pearson, CPO, IBM

– Jules Polonetsky, CPO, DoubleClick

– Sheridan Scott, Chief Regulatory Officer, Bell Canada

– Richard Smith, CTO, The Privacy Foundation

– Barry Steinhardt, Asst. Director, ACLU

– Patrick Sullivan, CPO, Guardent

– Marko Vanska, Program Manager for Privacy, Nokia

The reasons for attending Privacy by Design are more compelling

than ever. Benefit from a program designed to help you:

– Network with thought-leaders and industry experts. * Enrich your

understanding of privacy issues.

– Gain knowledge of the specific steps to take to win consumer

trust, mitigate risk, ensure compliance and leverage the full

potential of your information.

– Validate plans and gain insight and practical advice from

industry experts who will share real world perspectives on what works.

– Discover and evaluate what privacy enabling technologies can do

for your business.

– Develop realistic privacy strategies for effective


Privacy by Design attracts senior executives and decision-makers; chief privacy, security and information officers; VP level marketing executives; technology, security, and cryptography leaders; systems integrators; security and privacy consultants and international policy leaders. Interested participants are encouraged to register immediately. The working conference agenda can be viewed at To Register:

To register online, please go to: or call toll-free from North America: 1-877-537-3380. For more information on the event, email: or visit the conference website at:

About Zero-Knowledge Systems, Inc.

Zero-Knowledge Systems ( is a provider of security and privacy software and services. Zero-Knowledge equips Global 2000 organizations with the software and expertise to manage the security and privacy of corporate and customer information assets, build brand around consumer trust, and lower the cost of complying with global privacy regulations and industry standards. Headquartered in Montreal with offices in San Francisco, California, the company’s suite of products includes the Privacy Rights Management Center for secure and private management of customer and corporate data within organizations and the Freedom Internet Privacy Suite for personal security and privacy online. Journalists can visit the online pressroom at

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