ProCheckUp Launch New Service Specifically For Web Servers

London based Internet Security company ProCheckUp Ltd are set to launch an additional service based on their successful Artificial Intelligence technology – ProCheckNet.

ProCheckWeb is a fully automated sub-set of ProCheckNet, and is used specifically for finding security vulnerabilities on public web servers.

The technology is unique, as it intelligently looks for security flaws, using the same methods as sophisticated hackers. The system uses a “spy-bot” to interrogate servers and verify the type of web services that are being used at the target site. The system then starts to look for detailed vulnerabilities not only in the operating system, but in the way the web server has been configured.

The system will examine directory structures, file permissions and applications installed, and it is these areas that are commonly exploited by hackers. The tests are designed to have minimal performance impact on any public web server, and the system provides an automated comprehensive security assessment report.

ProCheckWeb is one of the most powerful anti hacking systems available for web servers, enabling organisations to get as close to being fully protected as is currently possible. In fact, ProCheckWeb has already discovered major security flaws that conventional scanners have not even noticed and has even found new flaws in software previously thought to be secure

More information about ProCheckUp Ltd and their range of services can be obtained by emailing, or by visiting

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