Snapgear Releases Powerful New VPN Router With Integrated Modem

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – March 7, 2002 – SnapGear today announced a radically new VPN Router appliance for global markets with integrated V.90 modem for automatic failover for ADSL and Cable-connected customers. Known as the SnapGear PRO+ the unit will be shipping as early as April and expected to retail for US$849.

Targeted directly at business and enterprise customers the new router presents the ability to switch to a conventional modem connection in the event of an ADSL or Cable outage.

Miles Gillham, VP Marketing, said: “This product is a big step forward for broadband users who require a higher level of fault tolerance. Narrowband fallback means no downtime if a carrier experiences ADSL or Cable outages.”

Many corporations and government departments are increasingly aware of not only the advantages of being Internet-connected but also the risks. SnapGear offers a complete solution – firewall protection, fully-fledged routing, VPN connectivity between remote offices/departments, secure remote worker connectivity, and anti-intrusion defenses coupled with logging facilities to integrate into any network. The SnapGear solution is considered attractive by SnapGear customers as providing an enterprise-ready solution at a fraction of the cost of other vendor’s products.

The SnapGear PRO+ boasts an impressive 3DES capacity of 35Mbps and specific optimisation for the PPPoE protocol which is used by ADSL. Developed with European and American networks in mind the unit is capable of supporting network throughput of up to 18Mbps. Two 10/100 Ethernet interfaces are standard for WAN and LAN traffic in addition to the modem. The SnapGear PRO+ has in-built PPTP client and server which means that Windows users are able to remotely connect to a SnapGear without the additional expense of third-party clients. A key advantage of the SnapGear family of products is allowing unlimited users as other vendors charge significantly more for additional user licenses. Other benefits of the SnapGear PRO+ include RADIUS/TACACS+ authentication and dynamic DNS support.

The broadband to narrowband fail-over facility will be offered as a firmware upgrade to current owners of SnapGear VPN Routers. All SnapGear VPN Routers have serial ports ready for connection to external modems.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing for SnapGear products begins at US$249 for the SnapGear LITE, US$299 for the SnapGear LITE+, US$399 for the SnapGear SOHO+, US$549 for the SnapGear PRO, and US$849 for the SnapGear PRO+ (shipping April 2002). SnapGear appliances are available from an international channel network. Resellers and Systems Integrators are invited to contact SnapGear for further information on channel programmes.

About SnapGear, Inc.

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