Sniff’em Captures And Monitors Network Traffic

After 15 months of development, Y.A.S.C (Yet Another Software Company) has released the gold master CD of Sniff’em. Sniff’em is a competitively-priced, high performance Windows packet sniffer that monitors and analyzes network traffic, allows network managers to detect and eliminate bottlenecks and other network related problems, and performs application debugging, fault analysis, network protocol analysis, data stream filtering, network intrusion detection, and usage monitoring. Sniff’em makes it easy to discover why computers on the network can’t communicate with each other, or why traffic is backing up on a particular device. Network intrusion can be detected, and logs can be created and saved to preserve an audit trail of all data that moves through the network.

With Sniff’em, the system administration can instantly identify throughput problems in the network. Simply choose the adapter that you want to monitor, and you can watch each incoming and outgoing packet. By clicking on a packet, you can look at the raw data that it contains.

Sniff’em’s powerful filtering lets you quickly specify which packets to monitor. You can include or exclude packets based upon high-level and low-level protocols, a range of IP addresses, ports, the unique 12-digit Media Access Control (MAC) address that is assigned to each piece of ethernet hardware, packet size, and even specific text strings that are contained in the packets. Whether you’re concerned about warez, pornography, or other inappropriate network traffic, Sniff’em lets you pinpoint the material that you’re looking for, and examine the captured packets.

Advanced users can modify packet data, send packets, and generate (forge) packets. The new Packet Wizard allows template-based packet creation.

All or selected activity can be logged in either a space-saving Sniff’em Project format, or as human-readable information in HTML, text, or comma-separated formats. Sniff’em can be set up to begin recording information when Windows is loaded, or you can start and stop capturing data with just a mouse click. It can even file the information into custom folders based upon date and time information. Sniff’em’s new public/private key cryptographic system takes fingerprints of any log files and can determine if they have been tampered with or become corrupted.

Sniff’em takes the guesswork out of network management, and replaces it with peace of mind.

Availability and Pricing:

Sniff’em is available immediately, and requires Windows NT4/2000/95/98/Me.

Business licenses for Sniff’em begin at $225(US) for electronic delivery and $240 for postal delivery. Sniff’em may be purchased securely online at Academic licenses for students and educational institutions are priced at $100 and $115 per license, and an individual, non-business license costs $125 or $140, depending upon the choice of electronic or postal delivery. You can download a free trial version from the same address. For more information about Sniff’em or other products by Y.A.S.C, contact

Y.A.S.C, 2, Rue Belle-Vue Ehnen L-5488 Luxembourg Website: E-mail:

About Y.A.S.C:

In addition to Sniff’em, Y.A.S.C offers Purge-It!, a powerful program that let you look inside your Windows system and observe which programs are running and which ports are open.

“Sniffer” is a registered trademark of Network General Technology Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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