Sybari Software Expands Antigen 6.0 Platform Support for Lotus Domino and Releases New Content Management Enhancements

ORLANDO, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jan. 28, 2002–

Developers of Market Leading Groupware Anti-Virus and

Content Management Solution Delivers Protection for Lotus

Domino Servers On IBM AIX UNIX and OS/2 Operating Systems

Sybari Software, Inc., the premier developers of Antigen, a comprehensive antivirus, content-management, and e-mail security solution, today announced it has expanded platform support of its market leading technology to include Lotus Domino servers running IBM’s AIX UNIX Operating System and OS/2.

Antigen 6.0 for Lotus Domino running on IBM’s AIX UNIX Operating System is available as a Beta release and Antigen 6.0 for Domino on IBM’s OS/2 Warp is available as a licensed and evaluation download on Sybari’s Website.

The additional support for these platforms is a result of customer requests. It further strengthens Antigen’s global appeal as the antivirus security solution of choice for Domino/Notes administrators that need to support multiple operating systems and maintain virus free groupware environments. Sybari provides Antigen for Domino solutions that protect Lotus Domino v3.x, 4.6.5, R5, & RNext servers running on Windows NT and Windows 2000 (Intel and Alpha), Sun Solaris, IBM AIX and OS/2 Warp.

“We needed to implement an organization-wide e-mail and collaboration tool to our staff and students that would be accessible via a Web browser from anywhere on the Internet. However, we recognized that the trade-off of having a fairly liberal access policy to our site, would be an increased risk of virus infection,” stated Doug Coleman, Manager of Information Technology for Near North District School Board. “We evaluated a number of anti-virus solutions, and only Sybari’s Antigen delivered the ease of use, compatibility with our Domino implementation and comprehensive virus scanning capabilities we needed. With Antigen for Domino installed, we are confident that our corporate communications environment is protected from the damaging effects of viruses.”

Antigen is widely recognized by the Security Industry as an innovative groupware security solution providing Domino Servers with the optimum level of virus protection. Combined with a unique and comprehensive architecture and customer driven features such as content management, Antigen’s performance is top rated. AIX 5L, as an open UNIX solution, allows companies the flexibility to run applications they want on the hardware they want, scaled to the appropriate size and AIX is building momentum as the leading UNIX operating system for enterprise class servers.

“AIX is IBM’s strategic operating system for mission-critical, core business applications and is rapidly building momentum as one of the leading operating systems for enterprise class servers, especially throughout Europe,” said Tom Buoniello vice president of product management for Sybari Software. “We will continue to evolve and expand Antigen’s functionality and support capabilities to meet the needs of our existing and future customers.”

Sybari has also developed and incorporated two new content management feature enhancements into Antigen 6.0 for Domino on all available platforms. These include:

– HTML message body scanning which enables Antigen to detect

HTML based worm viruses, (i.e. KAK work, Bubbleboy) within

infected HTML Mime message bodies.

– File Filtering enhancements include filtering of files within

zipped folders, quarantining of filtered files, and

notifications generated due to filtered files.

Antigen for Domino combines the power of detecting known and unknown virus threats with innovative features such as multiple scan engines and file filtering. Antigen’s multiple virus scan engine support includes five the leading scan engine technologies from Network Associates, Sophos, Norman Data Defense, and the Entrust antivirus engines from Computer Associates. The multiple scan engine manager is available for all Antigen scan jobs, and allows administrators to customize and configure a variety of settings and options at each level. Antigen File Filtering(TM) (AFF) enables administrators to proactively filter e-mail based on several filters including subject line, attachment filename, wildcards, and by file type. These are just two of the key capabilities available in Antigen to protect Domino environments against the ever-increasing threat of propagating email or database borne viruses.

Antigen for Domino Highlights:

Antigen for Domino is a reliable, powerful and high performing Anti-Virus / Content Management solution that provides comprehensive protection of Lotus Domino and Notes User environments. Antigen for Domino is compatible with Domino R4 and R5.

– Antigen’s Real-time, “On-the-fly” protection of Domino’s

message stream and shared databases combines complete

protection while maintaining server performance.

– Antigen is never off-line, it’s designed to provide protection

while maintaining 24/7 server uptime. Antigen can perform

dynamic application upgrades and virus engine/ signature

updates without the need to recycle the Domino server.

– Antigen’s multiple scan engine technology offers an extremely

high level of message stream and database protection and

allows administrators to customize its operation based on

their needs in optimizing scanner certainty and/or CPU


– Content Management and File Filtering functionality provides

proactive protection from unknown viruses and managing

unwanted content from entering or exiting the Domino


– Antigen offers “real-time” Domino NetStore protection, which

provides “On-The-Fly” scanning of all documents, including

those created by MS Office applications, before writing to

Domino’s shared Net Store database.

– Antigen ensures that all Domino databases are protected

against the potential of iNotes and MS Outlook clients

inadvertently spreading viruses.


Antigen 6 for Lotus Domino is currently shipping. The suggested retail price for Antigen, to protect 250 users within an organization, is $5,750.00 with a two-year renewable license (prices are quoted in US dollars, for local pricing please contact your local Sybari office). Discounted pricing is available based on volume. For product “trade-up” from vendors such as Network Associates (NASDAQ:NETA), Symantec (NASDAQ:SYMC), and Trend Micro (NASDAQ:TMIC), Sybari offer’s additional pricing and support options. For more information on Antigen and its award-winning features, contact Sybari at or download an evaluation copy at


Since 1995, Sybari has the led the market in providing innovative solutions to groupware-based virus and security threats. Today, over 6 million Microsoft Exchange/Outlook and Lotus Domino/Notes seats are virus-free as a direct result of Sybari’s Antigen technology. Sybari’s Antigen is unsurpassed in providing protection of corporate messaging environments. Antigen’s unique architecture institutes a preemptive line of defense from viruses and malicious code. Antigen for Microsoft Exchange and Antigen for Lotus Domino are distributed in more than 50 countries through Sybari’s worldwide locations and distribution network. Sybari is headquartered in East Northport, New York with an EMEA headquarters in Madrid, Spain and additional offices in Singapore, Australia, Brazil and Mexico. Sybari’s clients include, Compaq, Con Edison, Dell, Deloitte & Touche, Eastman Chemical, Getronics, JD Power, Lufthansa, Mayo Foundation, Merrill Lynch, Nortel, Pirelli, Reckitt Benckiser, Sony, Target, Texaco, Tosco, US Federal Government, and Visa. Sybari’s many strategic partners include Lotus Development (NYSE:IBM), Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), Computer Associates (NYSE:CA), Compaq (NYSE:CPQ), Sophos, Inc., Network Associates, Inc. (NASDAQ:NETA), and Norman Data Defense Systems.

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