Symantec Corporation, Tiny Software Inc., & Zone Labs Inc. Products Are First to be Certified

HERNDON, Va.- November 6, 2001-TruSecure?? Corporation, a leading security services provider, today announced that its independent ICSA Labs division has certified the first products within the PC Firewall program. The ICSA Labs PC Firewall Certification program is an independent and comprehensive process that vigorously tests, assesses and validates the security of PC firewalls relied upon by individual users in remote locations.

The first products to receive ICSA Labs PC Firewall Certification include Symantec Corporation’s (Nasdaq: SYMC) Norton Personal Firewall for Microsoft’s Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT Workstation, and Windows 2000 Professional; Tiny Software’s Tiny Personal Firewall for Windows 2000; and Zone Labs’ ZoneAlarm Pro for Windows 2000.

“For many of our customers, the ICSA Labs Certification plays an important role in their evaluation process, knowing it validates the product’s performance against the Lab’s testing criteria,” said Gregor Freund, CEO and co-founder of Zone Labs. “By submitting the ZoneAlarm Pro personal firewall to ICSA Labs for testing, we can further assure our customers that it complies with the leading industry-accepted security standards.”

To achieve ICSA Labs PC Firewall Certification, a product must demonstrate that it can provide protection for the host it is deployed on under normal business usage. The firewall must also offer functional control for concurrently active local Ethernet and dialup networks; maintain consistent protection across multiple successive dialup connections; protect common external network attacks, provide for restriction of outgoing network communication, and log events in a consistent and useful manner. Complete criteria may be found at:

With the increase in remote offices and telecommuting, the need for secure yet open connections has never been higher,” said Larry Bridwell, content security program manager for ICSA Labs. “ICSA Labs, working with product vendors and corporate users, have developed the most thorough and rigorous set of accepted criteria for personal firewall testing and certification. This Certification, like all ICSA Lab certifications, helps end users make informed security product buying decisions for their organizations.”

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