Ubizen Unveils Advanced Managed Security Solution

OnlineGuardian 2.0 Delivers Graphical Reporting, Trending and Real-Time Policy Change Requests for Managed Devices

RESTON, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Oct. 29, 2001–Ubizen, Inc. (EASDAQ:UBIZ – Euronext:UBI), a leading provider of e-Security solutions, today announced OnlineGuardian(R) 2.0, the latest upgrade to Ubizen’s OnlineGuardian Managed Security Solution.

OnlineGuardian 2.0 includes a Web-based interface that provides real-time performance graphing and reporting for each Security device under management. OnlineGuardian also gives customers the ability to request policy changes to firewall and network probes from the convenience of their computer workstation.

Ubizen’s OnlineGuardian Managed Security Service provides 24×7 security monitoring and management through vulnerability assessments, log analysis, firewall management, virtual private networks and network intrusion detection monitoring and management.

The newly enhanced OnlineGuardian 2.0 also gives Ubizen customers the ability to chart, view or request changes to the enterprise security devices being managed and monitored by Ubizen. OnlineGuardian offers customers a one-stop control center for their security infrastructure, including:

— Graphical Reporting – OnlineGuardian 2.0 Reports convey the

performance and functionality of firewalls, probes, and VPNs

being managed and monitored by Ubizen. Reports include a

complete analysis on all managed devices, including firewalls

and network intrusion detection devices.

— Trending Analysis – More in-depth analysis of security devices

give OnlineGuardian customers the ability to track historical

patterns such as dropped IP addresses by geography, severity

and cause of probe or firewall failure, etc. Tracking these

historical trending patterns allows Ubizen and the customer to

better configure and manage each security device.

— Policy Updates – Ubizen customers can also request changes to

firewall and network intrusion detection probe policy via the

OnlineGuardian 2.0 Web interface.

“Ubizen’s OnlineGuardian allows us to stay up-to-date on a variety of potential security vulnerabilities without having to devote in-house resources to such a task,” said Guy Mattheuwsen, network manager for International beer brewer Interbrew and responsible for security in his region. “The new reporting features will make security management even easier and more efficient for our IT professionals.”

In addition to featuring more user-friendly functionality, such as security level summaries, graphical analysis tools and easy-to-navigate scroll bars and pop-up windows, OnlineGuardian 2.0’s new framework offers a number of distinct reporting advantages. These advantages include extended graphical presentations, inclusion of maintenance updates and patches to be installed.

“OnlineGuardian 2.0 is a competitive differentiator for Ubizen’s Managed Security Services,” said Nathan Tennant, Product Marketing Manager with Ubizen. “Its user-friendly functionality and advanced reporting features offer a more complete view of the company’s security posture.”

The new reporting advantages offered by OnlineGuardian represent a move towards a more consolidated security management for all enterprise security components.

These components are managed around the clock by a team of Ubizen security analysts, through an online connection over a private line or VPN from the managed devices at the end-users site to the centralized Ubizen Security Management Center (SMC). The monitoring and management of the events captured is then carried out by operations teams, from Ubizen’s Security Operations Centers (SOCs) in the U.S.A. and Europe.

About Ubizen

Ubizen, a leading provider of e-Security solutions, allows companies worldwide to confidently conduct their business operations online. Ubizen OnlineGuardian(R), a family of managed security solutions, provides 24×7 proactive assessment, monitoring and management of enterprise security components.

With its SEAM technology, Ubizen can quickly and effectively analyze millions of security events per week and escalate only those events that pose a true security risk. In addition to SEAM, Ubizen houses a world class Security Intelligence Lab, which collects, researches and disseminates information on vendor products, viruses and vulnerabilities.

Ubizen also delivers a highly secure technology, DMZ/Shield, that defends Web servers from vulnerabilities missed by standard firewalls and network probes. With operations in the U.S.A., Europe and Asia-Pacific, Ubizen (www.ubizen.com) is a public company with dual listings on Nasdaq Europe (UBIZ) and the Euronext (UBI) exchange.

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