Cogient Corp Clients are Secure through E-Certify’s Secure Web Application Portal

Toronto, ON April 5, 2002 – E-Certify announced today that an agreement has been signed with Cogient Corp., a healthcare application service provider, to supply the basis for secure Internet communications through E-Certify’s Secure Web Application Portal (SWAP) for Cogient’s Web-based clinical practice management solution branded ClinicalLogic?” .

As a developer of Web-based healthcare software applications, Cogient has special concern for the confidentiality and privacy of each patient healthcare record. Safeguarding client information is not only a legal requirement, but also an important ethical obligation. Cogient’s company security policies and procedures are entirely based on the medical privacy standards established in ISO 17799 (International ISO), BS 7799 (U.K.), HIPAA (U.S.), and PIPEDA (Canada). E-Certify’s SWAP aids ClinicalLogic to reach HIPAA compliancy.

Emmanuel Abraham, Chief Technology Officer of Cogient Corp stated, “With the proprietary nature of individual medical records and personal information retrieved through ClinicalLogic, we needed to find a product with the technology required to protect and secure our patient data. We are confident that e-Certify’s SWAP technology will surpass not only our security expectations but more importantly the security expectations of our clients.”

“We are pleased to be able to work with Cogient Corp to provide their clients the high-end security solution needed to safeguard their personal health information,” said Chris Van Sant, President and CEO of E-Certify.

In order to logon to the ClinicalLogic application, a user will be required to place his or her finger on the fingerprint scanner and also supply a digital certificate, which can be accessed from the user’s Web browser, a hardware token, or a smartcard. With these, the user will have logged onto the SWAP portal. The need for that user to remember a password is unnecessary. Without the correct fingerprint, and digital certificate, no access to the applications will be granted. The servers housing these applications are not exposed to Internet-based Web attacks because direct access to these from the Internet is not present. All communication channels are secured with 128-bit encryption.

About SWAP

E-Certify’s SWAP is a single sign-on Web application portal that facilitates secure logon to multiple Web applications. It provides a secure environment, through which critical applications can be accessed. These applications are never exposed to the Internet directly and thus the servers on which they reside are protected from the Internet’s inherent security dangers. It acts as a proxy and facilitates the secure transfer of user credentials in an LDAP directory to the applications that require them.

About ClinicalLogic?” – Practice Freedom

Cogient Corp. has developed a product specifically designed to save time and increase productivity at the medical practice level. Branded ClinicalLogic, the solution offers physicians and health practitioners an Internet-based suite of software tools that integrates every function of the modern healthcare practice. Cogient’s easy-to-use, Web-based clinical practice management solution is designed to accommodate personal work habits and preferences, eliminating the frustration of a “one-size fits all” solution. Without hindering the way patients are assessed and treated, ClinicalLogic enables improved care and reduces administrative overhead while streamlining time-consuming administrative and clinical activities, resulting in more time for quality patient interactions.

About E-Certify

E-Certify, a certificate authority, and developer of secure Internet solutions has its headquarters in Mississauga, Canada and offers a comprehensive suite of security software products including Enterprise OnLine, a PKI solution. E-Certify also offers consultative, development, implementation, and management services to deliver its solutions. E-Certify provides a comprehensive set of product support documentation, user training, and a variety of customer service options including phone, email, and Web-based help desk support.

About Cogient Corp. -The Evolution of Healthcare Management

Cogient Corp is a healthcare application service provider dedicated to building an online healthcare community, one clinic at a time. Cogient Corp. enables healthcare providers to achieve new efficiencies that just weren’t attainable before. The result is more time to ensure better care, improved patient outcomes, and enhanced administration control. For more information, please visit Cogient Corp on the Web at

For more information on E-Certify and its products and services, please visit the E-Certify web site at

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