InfoExpress Unveils CyberGatekeeper Appliance

The First “Plug and Play” Policy Enforcer to Secure the Last Mile

Pioneer in remote access security releases hardware version of its policy enforcement suite

NetWorld+Interop, Las Vegas, Nevada – May 6, 2002 – Increased security threats to company networks from remote and roaming corporate computers has created an increasing need for configuration control for these machines. In response to the need for security policy enforcement of remote corporate computer configurations, today InfoExpress unveiled the CyberGatekeeper Server appliance. The appliance is the first to proactively enforce remote and mobile desktop configurations and applications.

CyberGatekeeper Server lets administrators easily enforce security policies for remote computers accessing the corporate network. The server proactively audits systems before allowing access to the corporate network. Systems failing to adhere to customer-designed policies and security requirements are denied access to network resources.

CyberGatekeeper Server enforces policies and configurations through any type of network connection. CyberGatekeeper can enforce desktop configurations connected via VPN, extranet, dialup, wireless LAN, and wired LANs.

The vendor-neutral solution lets administrators create and enforce custom policies to meet their specific requirements. Support is provided for any third-party application including VPNs, personal firewalls, and anti-virus programs.

“Policy enforcement with CyberGatekeeper is like having the security group perform continuous, detailed audits of every desktop before allowing it to access the network,” said Stacey Lum, chief executive officer of InfoExpress. “CyberGatekeeper provides assurances previously missing from corporate security solutions, by moving control of the last mile from end users back to the administrators.”

Todd Nakano, InfoExpress’ vice president of sales and marketing, said, “Customers have been asking for a remote desktop enforcement tool for a long time. They’ve told us that they need to enforce their existing anti-virus, personal firewall and system configurations over any and all network topologies.” He added, “The appliance fits this need by supporting third party applications and configurations while easily being integrated into existing corporate networks.”

A complete CyberGatekeeper system consists of the server appliance installed on the corporate network, an agent running on remote systems, and a policy manager to specify what is required. The agent reports details back to the appliance, which decides whether to allow or deny access. The policy manager supports multiple policies, servers, and central management.

CyberGatekeeper Server is priced at $6,500 per appliance.

About InfoExpress

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