Red Hat 7.3 has been released

Red Hat Linux 7.3Red Hat, Inc. released Red Hat Linux version 7.3, a highly configurable OS designed for deployments ranging from games and personal productivity to file, print and web serving. Red Hat Linux 7.3 adds new productivity tools, personal firewall configuration at installation, and video conferencing software to deliver everything individual users, educational institutions and small businesses need for flexible Internet-based computing. The new version also includes the Linux industry’s best support offerings, including Web and telephone access to experts and Red Hat Network – an automated Internet solution for managing Red Hat Linux systems. Nearly five hundred thousand users already leverage Red Hat Network to keep their systems updated and secure.

Server Features

  • Complete Web, mail, ftp, file and print servers included.

  • Apache Configuration Tool
    • Quick configuration of Apache options

    • Easily create and manage multiple virtual hosts
  • BIND Configuration Tool
    • Simple setup of forward and backward name resolutions and DNS lookups.
  • LPRng and CUPS print daemons

  • Sendmail and Postfix message transfer agents (MTAs) with switching tool

  • LBA48/ATA133 support for drives > 137GB

  • Updated PostgreSQL open source database

System Security and Administration Features

  • Firewall Configuration during installation allows you to select from three predefined levels of security or customize your own security level.

  • Graphical Kickstart Configuration

  • Red Hat Network maintains system security

For a product comparison between Red Hat 7.2 and 7.3 check out this page and if you’re wondering which version is right for yourself go here.

Now, in order to get the new release you can go to the Red Hat Store and buy a copy or download it from one of the mirrors located here.

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