Snapgear Collaborates With Hitachi Semiconductor To Deliver Next-Generation Gateway Appliances For Broadband Communications

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – May 14, 2002 – SnapGear, a leading supplier of Internet security solutions, announced that the company is collaborating with Hitachi Semiconductor (America) Inc. to develop gateway appliances that will enable network security and services for anyone connecting to the Internet, from home users to Fortune 500 companies.

The appliances will solve a major security problem currently found in most existing wireless products – the ability for third parties to eavesdrop on wireless LANs. SnapGear’s VPN (Virtual Private Networking) and firewall technology will make the appliances more secure than most products currently found in even Fortune 500 companies, which are presently at risk. Most existing gateway products lack the processing power to address next generation network services. Built upon Hitachi’s powerful microprocessors, the new SnapGear products will provide significantly greater processing power for advanced audio and video applications over broadband and wireless interfaces.

At the core of the units lies the Hitachi 32-bit SuperH RISC engine, which optimizes the balance between speed, power and cost. The advantage of the Hitachi SuperH family of microprocessors is a rich mix of peripherals and sophisticated integration of hardware, middleware and software tailored for individual applications. For example, the SH-3 and SH-4 series microprocessors combine a robust RISC CPU with built-in peripheral functions and external operating system support to enable digital multimedia applications for network communications such as streaming audio and video, MP3 audio, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and 3D graphics processing. Their connectivity and multimedia functionality also make the devices ideal for portable communications products, hand-held PCs, set-top boxes and Car Infotainment Systems (CIS).

SnapGear Inc. has developed Internet security appliances as both consumer products and custom designs. One such deployment has been the managed VPN gateways for a major US-based global telecommunications company., part of the Vivendi Universal group, recently commissioned SnapGear to provide BMS (Business Music Services) players for their global rollout. A number of other US and European corporations have chosen SnapGear Inc, often exclusively, to provide design, development, manufacturing and fullfillment services for Internet-enabled security appliances.

Pradyumna Sant, strategic marketing manager at Hitachi Semiconductor, said “SnapGear had the experience and expertise to rapidly develop a range of network security applications on our SH-3 and SH-4 development platforms by leveraging open source components. These designs are now being translated into high-quality products for many diverse vertical markets.”

Peter Cronk, President of SnapGear Inc., said “We are pleased to take this opportunity to co-develop products with Hitachi Semiconductor to address the growing gaps between consumer demand and present day technology. However our OEM partners don’t need to wait. We have reference designs available now as part of our SecureEdge range of OEM ready products.”
An example is the SecureEdge SE5010 development platform which is powered by the SH7751 (SH-4 CPU). Further product availability announcements are expected shortly.

About SnapGear
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SuperH is a U.S. registered trademark of Hitachi, Ltd. SnapGear and SecureEdge are trademarks of SnapGear, Inc.

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