SecoShield Provides Intrusion Detection For The 2002 Fifa World Cup

SecoShield’s Power and Ease-of-Use Will Support

Internet Security Initiatives at the World’s Largest Sporting Event

Irvine, CA РMay 20th- Secos (, dedicated to the development of effective, globally focused technology, offering network, transaction, content, and system security, today announced that the Korean Organizing Committee for the 2002 FIFA (F̩d̩ration Internationale de Football Association) World Cup has selected SecoShield 3.0 as the intrusion detection and response system (IDS) for the upcoming international soccer tournament.

The World Cup is being co-hosted by the countries of South Korea and Japan and tournament games will be taking place in twenty different cities between the dates of May 31st and June 30th, 2002. In cyberspace, millions of fans worldwide will log onto, which will offer a comprehensive array of services, tools, statistics and features, including Internet shopping, both before and during the tournament and in no less than six languages.

“The FIFA World Cup Web site will be one of the key areas in which soccer fans worldwide will go to get statistics and up-to-the-minute results,” said David Cho, Chief Technical Officer of Secos. “SecoShield will help FIFA’s security administrators protect against the hackers and intruders who will attempt to bring down the site and freeze the flow of information from Korea and Japan to information hungry soccer fans across the globe.”

SecoShield has a number of powerful and unique features that make it the IDS of choice for the 2002 FIFA World Cup and other companies. These include the most thorough “detection protection’ arsenal available which contains misuse, anomaly and policy-based detection; one of the largest signature database libraries in the world; stateful inspection, customizable flood and port scanning detection; an intuitive graphical-user interface that creates fast, accurate and customizable reports; re-analysis and consolidation of redundant alerts and advanced forensics documentation that allows network administrators to compile data on hackers and intruders.

SecoShield was the very first NIDS to become OPSEC certified, having passed Check Point’s most rigorous testing and usability standards.

SecoShield 3.0 supports Microsoft Windows NT and Windows 2000, Sun Solaris and most LINUX operating systems and can be administered remotely from the network operations center.

About Secos.

Secos is dedicated to the development of effective, globally focused technology, offering network, transaction, content, and system security. Products meet the challenges of today’s information security marketplace by providing compatibility, integration, and reliability essential to conduct secure online business. Secos provides the most powerful new technologies for security management by adding intelligence and efficiency to security without affecting the performance of the networks they protect. For complete product listings and trial downloads, visit Secos is owned by Cybertek Holdings, a leading Korea-based technology company.

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