Neurotechnologija Debuts FingerCell EDK, A Complete Biometric Fingerprint Solution For Embedded Devices

Package Provides All Necessary Hardware/Software Including AuthenTec(tm) Sensor, CPU; FingerCell Software Optimized for Sensor, Producing Maximum Speed and Reliability

SAN JOSE, CA (June 3, 2002)- Neurotechnologija Ltd., a leading provider of biometric identification technology, announced today the release of FingerCell EDK, a complete biometric fingerprint solution for embedded devices. A breakthrough in Embedded Development Kits (EDKs), FingerCell EDK not only enables rapid development of embedded fingerprint identification for doors, gates, computers, and other security-sensitive applications, but also can match 500 fingerprints per second, making it one of the fastest embedded ID systems on the market.

Embedded personal identification systems based on fingerprint matching are becoming increasingly popular for all kinds of devices. FingerCell EDK, as a complete starting kit, can greatly lessen development time for such systems. The kit includes:

· FingerCell fingerprint recognition software. Based on Neurotechnologija’s pioneering VeriFinger technology, FingerCell can be used for both verification (1:1 matching) and identification (1:N). FingerCell’s algorithms are custom set for the EDK’s hardware, enabling enrollment times of less than one second; the software also provides a False Rejection Rate (FRR) of 3% and False Acceptance Rate (FAR) of 0.001%.

· AuthenTec(tm) FingerLoc(tm) AF-S2(tm) fingerprint sensor. From the premier fingerprint sensor manufacturer in the field, AuthenTec’s AF-S2 offers enhanced performance, improved flow control, and more user-selectable baud rates.

· Intel StrongARM(tm) (206 MHz) processor with RS232 adapter. The StrongARM is a Reduced Instruction Set Computing (RISC) microprocessor designed for embedded applications, providing exceptional performance with low power consumption.

· User-Level Software. Provides dependable interface with the host PC as well as support for the system’s sensor chip.

“Developing a superior embedded biometric identification system is a long and expensive undertaking. Our FingerCell EDK greatly shortens the process,” said Algimantas Malickas, Ph.D., director and chief executive officer of Neurotechnologija Ltd. “With our kit, developers can quickly realize a high- quality system in the least possible time. FingerCell EDK pairs superb components with one of the fastest, most reliable recognition algorithms in the world today.”

Exceptional Performance, Flexibility
FingerCell fingerprint recognition software combines exceptional comparison speed with high reliability in both 1:1 and 1:N matching modes. Fingerprint enrollment time is less than one second (three seconds when feature generalization is used).

In addition to its 400 fingerprint per second 1:N (identification mode) matching speed and low FRR/FAR ratios, FingerCell is fully tolerant to fingerprint translation and rotation, ensuring accurate matching regardless of finger position. The software does not require a fingerprint core or delta points for recognition; however, more reliable results will result if those elements are present.

FingerCell code is extremely compact, requiring only 512 KB of memory. The software source code is provided in ANSI C, enabling easy adaptation for other processor types if desired. What’s more, the FingerCell EDK offers developers complete open technology for all kit elements, including software and hardware. Complete documentation, electrical schematics, identification software libraries and more are standard with each kit.

Evaluation Download Available FingerCell software is currently available via download for evaluation purposes from the Neurotechnologija website. The software is compatible with both the AuthenTec FingerLoc AF-S2 and AuthenTec EntrePad(tm) AES4000 sensors, or can be read from fingerprints from TIF and BMP format image files. A sample fingerprint database, scanned with the AuthenTec FingerLoc AF-S2 sensor is also available for free download.

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About Neurotechnologija:
Neurotechnologija, Ltd. is a leading provider of biometric identification technologies. Security companies around the world integrate Neurotechnologija’s fingerprint identification technology into their existing products to create advanced access control, attendance control, law enforcement, banking, computer security, and other applications. Neurotechnologija was founded in 1990 in Vilnius, Lithuania. Since 1991, when it developed its first fingerprint identification system, Neurotechnologija was released more than 20 products and version upgrades for the biometric and law enforcement markets. For more information, visit

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