Norman Virus Control Receives Virus Bulletin 100% Award for Windows XP

The Data Security Company Norman ASA, announced today that Norman Virus Control (NVC) has received yet another Virus Bulletin 100% Award, its seventeenth since 1998, making its anti-virus products among the highest performing in the market. The June 2002 VB 100% award has been given to NVC for its performance in a Windows XP Professional comparative review.

The June 2002 version of the Virus Bulletin magazine tested antivirus products on the Windows XP Professionals platform. This is the 17th time that Virus Bulletin has given Norman Virus Control a 100% award.

– The test results prove once again that Norman has one of the very best products on the market. The most importance feature of an anti-virus product is its ability to find and remove viruses. Once again we can show that our product can do this job 100%, says Henning Hansen, President & CEO of Norman ASA.

This was the first time that Norman Virus Control version 5.3 was tested. This version has significantly upgraded functionality to simplify and ease the installation and administration of this solution in a network environment. This version has, among other things, the following new functionality:

A New Messaging Module which automatically notifies administrators and/or stand alone PC users of system events, such as virus alarms and program and installation errors, by email or by SMS or SNMP messages, in addition to posting these details to a local and/or central log.

Installation in a network. Ndesk is a new module for installation and administration in a network. Ndesk is especially suited to small and medium sized networks. Functions include; remote installation, network surveillance, configuration and task files.

Virus Bulletin is the technical magazine that has all developments within the field of computer viruses as well as anti-virus software.

The Virus Bulletin 100% award is given to products that detect all “in the wild” viruses. Compared to other similar tests, Virus Bulletin uses the most recent “wild lists”. This means that it is those products that are most updated are those products that are most likely to be granted the 100% awards. For more information, see also:

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