Crowley Independent School District Deploys Aladdin’s eSafe For Strong Internet Content Security

CHICAGO, June 6, 2002 – Aladdin Knowledge Systems (NASDAQ: ALDN) today announced that the Crowley Independent School District in Texas is using Aladdin’s eSafe for a strong anti-virus defense and reliable protection against pornography, hate sites, gambling and inappropriate and non-productive content.

Mr. Chad Ingram, Wan Administrator of Crowley Independent School District, said he chose eSafe Gateway and eSafe Mail to scan email and Internet traffic, block Web sites and protect more than 10,000 students and staff from various forms of content not suitable for an educational setting.

“In the first few hours of using eSafe, we not only managed to block inappropriate Internet content, but we found and cleaned more than 40,000 viruses that attempted to infect our network,” Ingram said. “With just more than a month of use, we’ve experienced the power and reliability eSafe offers schools. Even in a complex multi-school environment, it’s easy to maintain and continues to work efficiently.” “With our districts IT and internet needs growing rapidly, the eSafe Gateway and eSafe Mail solutions provide us with the security and ease we need to deal with over 3,000 clients browsing the net. eSafe Gateway scans and filters over 150,000 websites a day and stops an average of 2,500 emails from causing virus outbreaks. It also blocks all forms of undesirable web content before it enters.”

Aladdin’s eSafe, a uniquely comprehensive content security solution that provides gateway-level protection against all types of harmful or malicious code, offers fast and transparent real-time inspection of Internet traffic. eSafe’s distributed architecture also offers superior load-sharing capabilities and centralized management that gives schools’ IT Managers unmatched levels of power, flexibility and control – much needed features in educational environments serving students as young as five years old.

Aladdin’s eSafe product suite, which includes eSafe Desktop, eSafe Enterprise, eSafe Gateway and eSafe Mail, provides the most comprehensive protection available against hostile elements on the Internet and gives users confidence in their ability to navigate the Internet safely.

eSafe is the only comprehensive suite of content security solutions on the market to provide proactive protection from the gateway to the desktop. It also is the only one to provide Sandbox protection against all forms of malicious content including viruses, vandals and worms. A unique feature found only in Aladdin’s eSafe solutions, the sandbox erects a protective wall around vital system files and isolates all potentially dangerous viruses, vandals and worms in a sterile environment, preventing them from damaging, infecting or stealing from system resources.

Much more than anti-virus protection, the eSafe suite of products enables businesses to: Block user’s ability to alter vital system files, thereby reducing IT maintenance and repair costs Stop access to Web sites with inappropriate or malicious content, such as hate literature or pornography, or those sites known to propagate viruses

Restrict outgoing emails from sending classified or prohibited content

Aladdin Knowledge Systems

Aladdin (Nasdaq: ALDN) is a leader in digital security, providing solutions for software commerce and Internet security since 1985. Aladdin serves over 30,000 customers worldwide. Aladdin’s products include: the USB-based eToken device for user authentication and e-commerce security; the eSafe line of content security solutions that protect PCs and networks against malicious, inappropriate and nonproductive Internet-borne content; HASP and Hardlock, hardware-based software security systems that protect the revenues of developers; and Privilege, a software licensing and distribution platform. Visit Aladdin’s Web site at

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