Voice Authentication Launched to Safeguard Australian Finance Community

Trust5, the wireless identification company, has signed an exclusive agreement with leading Australian telecommunications company, Optus, to launch its products into the Australasian market. Optus will sell Trust5’s unique range of secure mobile payment authentication and voice print technologies to Australian banking, insurance and online share trading companies. This will provide the companies with a more flexible and secure method for validating employee and customer identities. Trust5 is a client of Enterprise Ireland, the Irish Government’s trade and technology body.

Trust5 services establish the identity of consumers by providing wireless identification solutions that ensure users are who they say they are, wherever they are. The new digital signature service allows consumers to top-up phones and access their bank accounts without having to enter a store, fill out a form or use an ATM.

“We are very keen to work with Trust5, a company at the forefront of voice verification technology,” said Bill Leakey, director Government and Key Division, Optus. “We are exploring ways to utilise Trust5’s technology within the Optus Group, and believe that adding voice authentication to our growing suite of products will greatly benefit our corporate clients.”

“Voice authentication replaces the burden of proof by automatically identifying customers by their unique voice print,” said Paul O’Grady, CEO of Trust5. “Trust5’s proprietary risk management software, which incorporates voice verification, provides a level of assurance that cannot be matched by traditional methods of authentication, such as signatures and PINs.”

“For example, if customers are calling banks, insurance companies or telecommunications carriers wanting to change details, change services or move money between accounts, they are often faced with having to prove who they are. Voice authentication avoids the laborious task of using PIN numbers and passwords, or answering questions about dates of birth or mothers’ maiden names. Using the Trust5 system couldn’t be easier and we hope many Australian consumers will benefit from the new levels of security and service our technology can provide,” continued O’Grady.

About Trust5
Trust5 offers wireless identity solutions for a wireless world. The Trust5 T5 PrePay Platform incorporates a multi-layered security system that can deploy either PIN-only based authentication and/or biometric voice verification engines.

Trust5 proprietary risk algorithms deliver a cost effective and competitive solution. By deploying the Trust5 T5 PrePay Platform, financial institutions and mobile network operators can generate significant revenue streams and distribution efficiencies by enabling subscribers to top-up mobile phones anywhere and at anytime.

Trust5 is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland and has recently established an office in Australia. Trust5 has also appointed a number of International Representatives in Australia, South Africa, UK, Turkey and the Middle East.


About Enterprise Ireland
Enterprise Ireland is an Irish government organisation created to assist the development of Irish business both nationally and internationally. Working in partnership with Irish companies, Enterprise Ireland provides a range of services including export marketing, technology, enterprise development and business training. It has 30 overseas offices in Europe, Asia/Pacific and the US. Johnson King implements a PR campaign on behalf of Enterprise Ireland, promoting the Irish IT and telecommunications sector to the UK media.

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